What is the use? Why try? Why did God make this life so difficult if “God Is Love”?

The method of attaining the answers to these questions and All others is the religion of Jesus Christ. Religions are methods, if your method is not working and has not brought you Salvation whose fault is it God’s or your ego’s?

You have, due to the fear of God, chosen to believe falsely about yOur Father, Our Source. These false beliefs that attack yOur Father, keeps the Truth from dawning on your judgmental mind. The truth is revealed as you *PRACTICE* the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Not who and where you believe He is, because simply you are Not who and what you believe your self to be.

This is Not church, and the teachings of Jesus Christ Are beyond yOur belief. The bible is Not filled with the teachings of Jesus Christ contrary to popular belief. The teachings of Jesus Christ are simple just not easy. He lays out a simple path of: *FORGIVENESS 70X7* This Forgiveness allows you to suspend judgment on what God has Created for YOU, Perfectly!

The reason you fear God and life seems to be a living hell at times in due in total to  your false-beliefs about yOur Loving Heavenly Father. You must realize the insanity of blind beliefs before you will reconsider “your beliefs” in favor of The Truth! The Truth sets you free from sickness, hell and death, Not blind belief.

Jesus Christ teaches a form of FORGIVENESS that “renew’s” the mind. This renewal allows your eyes to See the kingdom of Heaven reserved for the Children of God. The children of man are deceived greatly by their false fear based beliefs. You are here to attain Greatness in the form of a Super Human Consciousness. Consciousness is made “more aware” of Love, yOur Source, “God” as you eliminate fear from your mind.

When the “children of man” FORGIVE God their false-beliefs against Him, they Will to become the “Children of God” with Superhuman powers that Christ bestows upon His followers. The bible in the hands of egotistical man becomes a stumbling block which keeps ones mind trapped in an eternal intellectual hell. In the hands of the followers of Jesus Christ, the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John become reminders of the power of Our savior and the rest of the bible is discarded as irrelevant to Salvation!

The Torah or the kings “old testament” is the law of death that was written in stone that Jesus Christ fulfilled, let it GO!! Beloved of God Your Father, PRACTICE FORGIVENESS so you too can See the kingdom reserved for the Children of God!

The path that Jesus Christ lays out for ‘Us’ is very narrow, and All organized religions of today are on the wide road that leads to destruction, simply because they do not understand Salvation and believe it is and after death thing??? NONSENSE! Jesus Christ Is Risen! Fear keeps this knowledge from entering the judgmental minds of believers.

This IS Insane to believers. Believers are followers of the ways of the world. Brothers do you not yet see that All religious beliefs are less than useless? What do your “BELIEFS” in the kings manifesto get you in the end? Salvation? Salvation from what Beloved, the kings fearful hell-fire??? That is not real. Your Heavenly Father is No satanic monster. You believe He is a killer because of your Blind-Beliefs.

In closing Brother and Sister, seek, seek, seek within like an obsessed miner, carefully looking for gold in a dark, deep mine. The Gold will be made aware to you by the Master Savior Jesus Christ when your mind is prepared to receive It.

“You must water the seed before you can eat the fruit!”

more to follow….






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