Childlikeness is thoughtlessness. Children do not worry because they do not think. They are taught to think and worry by the adults who were “taught to think and worry about future events to come”. These adults are the devils of the kingdom and keep  the Children of God from becoming Enlightened!

FORGIVENESS 70X7 brings back your trust in Thy Father. This trust has you understanding that you are “here” to  achieve a superhuman state of Consciousness that shows you death is illusionary.

Your Higher Consciousness once awakened from the sleep of Adam becomes Childlike! Childlike is fearlessness. You Will to understand the insanity of a dead saviour, who waits in heaven for you to  die, while you eek out a meager existence here on earth, as you FORGIVE!

Blind-belief in ANY “holy book” is a relinquishment of the powers that Jesus Christ can bestow upon His followers. His Followers are the elect that follow His teachings. Judgment keeps believers blind to the kingdom of God reserved for those childlike enough to accept the Perfection of God yOur Father!

Everything, Every-moment is Perfect, you are not in danger, Ever. Quiet your thoughts, *Meditate on Seeing Jesus Christ, not in the “after-life” but Now, In LIFE!!!

enough for today..

Got Christ?



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