This is not church Beloved, and YOU are NO Sinner deserving of death!

“Church” as designed by king James was a time in which the people of his day and the believers of today are indoctrinated to the “Fear of God!” This indoctrination consists of controlling the minds of men by fear and not allowing the Sons of God to realize this deception that has been perpetrated on them by a larger ego.

That being said, this is NOT A BIBLE Bashing blog. Nor will we bash the Torah, Koran, Talmud, Bagvagita or any other “holy book” that you currently ‘believe’ to be God ordained or “God breathed”.

Christian Judaic language is used on the blog to explain the spiritual elements that are required to achieve Salvation. Religion when utilized properly is the method of attainment. All organized religions of the world today keep the seeker trapped in their own egotistical hell, believing they are right and the “others” who do not “BELIEVE” as they do are wrong!

All other religions judged as wrong keep your mind in Judgement. Judgment keeps your eyes from seeing the kingdom reserved for those childlike enough Not to judge others, for anything, Ever. The reason you Judge others is because you DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH!! You believe you do, you think you do and you will even die for what you believe is the truth, but because of Judgment what you currently believe can never be true.

The Truth is the same for All the Children of God, the truth differs for the children of men!  The minds of men are fearful. The mind of God is Loving. Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear constricts your world, and Love expands it!

In closing, All fear aimed at your Loving Heavenly Father is Anti-Christ!! You my Brother and Sister can choose to “BELIEVE” anything you want and call it free will. However, when you realize by *PRACTICING* the teachings of Jesus Christ that HE IS RISEN!, the bible and the other holy books are seen as nothing more than a small stumbling block that moved you down your path toward Salvation.

more to follow….


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