Lets speculate for a moment ok?

We will assume that you have gotten beyond believing everything in your chosen holy book is “The TRUTH”, but because you were a believer there are still “residual beliefs” that are fearful to you that you must contend with, like hell-fire! This residual belief is the reason that you have not experienced the Risen Christ within your consciousness and Not because He is not available to YOU! 

The Father will be Known or believed in, but never both!

Your beliefs from your chosen holy book limit what your Saviour can do through you. Jesus Christ can not be known where He is not allowed to enter. He cannot enter and is Not welcomed by those who Fear His Father!

Understand this, Beloved of God Himself!!: You are Free! Your fearful false-beliefs keep you from experiencing this freedom, SALVATION or your Father directly! Fear blocks the realization of the energy we refer to as “GOD”! Just as oil and water, right next to one another Do Not Mix.

Light is more powerful than darkness, and Love erases all the remnants of fear in a mind Created Fearless! Fear is the cause of All abnormalities in yOur world, war, sickness, *mental-*physical-*spiritual, lack, depression, anxiety of future events to come etc.. is a DIRECT result of your inner fears.

Your Father did not create fear so IT IS NOT A REALITY!! You believe in fear so you see fear.

Here: “When your mind changes, what the Eyes see change!” This is complete insanity to the minds of men, but to the Minds of the Children of God this is common Knowledge. Heaven Is seen through the eyes of the Children of God, to the intellectual minds of men programmed by fear and the belief in self-sufficiently It will can be experienced.

BE-ing as Children means having to do nothing! You need do nothing! The problem the sons of men have is their belief that something has to be done! Beloved, everything is Complete! *PRACTICE-FORGIVENESS* to See!

Hell is fear, and fear is insanity. The Holy Spirit is within your consciousness, and will change what your fearful eyes see when you surrender your fearful thoughts to this yOur Holy Spirit. This is done through *Mind Quiet Time or *Meditation. *Mediation is a listening to the silence within the kingdom of God (luke17:2o-21). To the devil, your programmed “believing ego”, this is nonsense.

In closing, your Holy Spirit BE-ing One with YOU, unknown to you, holds an eternal stack of “get outta this jam” cards 🙂 In this game of hide and seek let yOur knowledgeable Holy Spirit call the shots, not your judgmental ego Jesus refers to as our personal devil, and your world will be Transformed to the Kingdom of Heaven before your Eyes!!

enough for today…


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