YOU are Love manifested into a physical form by yOur Source

Here is what I know to be true for sure, and I only know this because that which is called “David Winter” did not know. David was trained from his arrival here to this world that he must become self-sufficient. God was something to worry about later, I mean, David had enough to worry about with “bills and life”, David could not pursue his dreams, he had to live up to the dreams of his parents, country and God. “God’s got plans for your life”, David was told. “Read the bible and believe everything in it”, David was told. The holy bible will teach you, I mean look at mom and dad they were “Saved” right? Saved from what Beloved, a king James inspired hell-fire???

Wake up from these hellish beliefs about Our Father!

David could not teach like this, he was told Jesus Christ DIED, on a cross for his sins, and that God had Jesus Christ suffer so David would not have to spend eternity in an eternal oven. Beloved, the guilt induced by this belief is insane. How can a Perfect God create anything imperfect??? God Is Perfection! Your “imperfect nature” comes from your lack of faith in yOur Father; Why Would You have faith in a God as diabolical as the one described in the kings bible, one that allows his creation to suffer and die??? You cannot have faith in a Loving God because you are very much unaware that HE is LOVING! Your false-beliefs induced by fear of the unknown has you believing insane thoughts about Our creator.

When you experience the Love of God even for an instant you will understand the insanity of such false-beliefs as “hell-fire” as they relate to Our Loving Heavenly Father!! Beloved if you are reading this you are not as insane as you once were. All insane children of God are just afraid, BUT Fear Is a Lie of the devil, your trained ego. Insanity is brought about by fear and Nothing else. You will not understand the impact fear has had on your existence until you decide to “Love your enemies” and FORGIVE them.

You cannot be a follower of Jesus Christ if you believe war is ever justified. War is fear manifested. A follower, by FORGIVING 70X7 “SEES” that he/she has No Enemies! An insane mind sees fearful images. Images are your thoughts manifested unknown to you. You are doing this life, this life is not being done to you.

Brother and yes Sister 🙂 Heaven will not be experienced if you believe anything fearful about God Our Father!! I Am a teacher of God  because “I” asked Jesus Christ to become my Teacher, my Guru, my Savior. I the “Son of God”, not David, the son of man. You are a Child of God!

Miners trapped in a cave for weeks and months do not jump for joy at the first sign of light that has been kept from them. Miners are very grateful to their rescuers but they do not express this gratitude because their eyes have not adjusted to the “New Light” of freedom! You are Free Beloved! This is beyond belief and will only be experienced by *PRACTICING* the teachings Jesus Christ!

This is Not church, I am Not a priest or pastor, I AM A follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ who has come into the understanding that God IS LOVE and ONLY LOVING!! Freedom is a shock to prisoner’s mis-taken by false beliefs, brought about by personal Judgments. They are free but do not know what to do. Beloved you need do nothing!

DREAM Your DREAMS! Forgive God, Forgive Yourself, and Forgive Jesus Christ for what He never did to YOU! His Consciousness is one with yours. Jesus Christ asks not for your blind beliefs as the king asks for, He, Jesus Christ asks that you *PRACTICE* His teachings to be a follower of His and then you will reap the rewards of His teachings. Beliefs will be impossible because you realize you only believe because you do not know the Truth that sets your Mind free!

You must be willing to Forgive your enemies 70X7 no matter their crimes against you, this “NON-JUDGMENT” shows you forgiveness works. Jesus Shows His followers tomorrow is not to be thought about, because It Is not real. This is the Perfect Gift right here now. Would you Want, as a follower of Jesus Christ, when the Master arrives, to find you “worrying about tomorrow”, knowing that He teaches you to “Take NO thought for tomorrow”?

Salvation is not a “future event’ in time” NO, Nonsense! Salvation is for you now. You can Have, Be or Do anything you want, but you must first seek the Supplier of your Dreams and then they will be added unto you.

Forgiveness is doubt, doubt is inner humiliation. All doubt is impossible to a follower of Jesus Christ because, your faith is in His Knowledge, and not your own. He has over come all our self doubt and fear. If your faith wavers call out to Jesus Christ and SEE the circumstances in your life change before your Eyes.

This is not church.

The mind that is free of fear is free to See the  kingdom of Heaven, reserved for those childlike enough to recognize God’s created perfection in All Things! All fearful beliefs against God yOur Father are FALSE!! If you don’t know it to be true do not believe that it is the Truth! The Truth will set you free NOW, not in the future.

*See the world as God looking out at His creation. He Does not judge perfection and nor Can you. What you intend to See thus Experience, you Will to See and Experience! You must See it, Feel it, and Believe it, if you are going to use the “Power of Belief” properly. “Belief” when fearless and concentrated properly on the experience Intended has the power of God behind it and manifestation is eminent!!

You are not here to suffer, ever. Understand suffering is self doubt manifested. Self doubt is the dream dissolver.

Dream Bigger! Understand Who you are and Why you are Here and you will See All Things Added unto YOU!

enough for today…



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