The fear of God Is madness!

Jesus Christ is not a spiritually inept charlatan. He is not hanging on any cross except in the mind of the kings believers. They are blinded by fear and guilt and wonder why; they “believe” their Savior is dead and they must go through death of the body to experience Him. The fear of God is complete insanity.

If I teach you Jesus Christ is in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of God is within you, you think I have made up this new religion. Jesus Christ taught the believers 2000 years ago that they were blinded by their false-beliefs. False-beliefs create a mind that is distant from Love because of fear. Love and fear are polar opposites.

*Meditation increases knowledge, and this increased knowledge is your Key to the kingdom within. This kingdom within, once awareness has dawned of It in your mind, shows you this world is a direct perception of your thoughts projected outward. This is of course beyond beliefs, and complete madness to “believers” who are marching toward death in an attempt to experience eternal life??? Eternal life is NOW! And to know the truth that sets you free, you MUST Practice what the Nazarene Master instructed His followers to do 2000 years ago, this is: FORGIVENESS with Non-judgment renews the mind, this renewal allows the mind to See and Hear what was ‘hidden in the fear of God before.’

Do not cast your pearls before swine they will trample them not realizing their Value. Here is a Pearl, “The kingdom of God is within you”. “Love your enemies” is another Pearl. What does the world do with these pearls? They trample them for lack of understanding just as they did 2000 years ago when they were First taught by Jesus Christ.

The aim of every religion is to gain possession of the “inner world”, the kingdom of Heaven, which is not a kingdom on this earth, But is available to YOU now! Beloved ❤ Seek where the Nazarene Master told you to look, WITHIN His kingdom and you Will experience His Consciousness is One within Yours!!

Forever Always is Right Now, there is no other time…..

 God is not some type of tyrannical spiritual demon, who after He goofed, created a hell-fire for His rebellious creation. These are the false beliefs that are the cause of all your current suffering. As you *Meditate you too will become conscious of the Spirit within your existing consciousness. Your Spirit will make Itself known to you when all you want is to know your Creator, and His ways. Jesus might say it this way, “Look for God first and then you will have All the things you want in this life!”

In closing, I hope this is helpful to My Brothers and Sisters, “God’s Children”, who are new to religion, who are leaving organized religion or who want to know the Truth that sets YOU free! The Truth contains NO FEAR! Fear is Not Love and Love is Not of your Creative Source, yOur Father!

Email me at ELIMINATEFEAR@GMAIL.COM with Any questions you may have, and understand that Your Teacher is within YOU NOW!


Your Brother,

David Winter


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