The Aim is Salvation

You are here to Realize the “Super-human” state that Jesus attained called the “Christ Consciousness”. Jesus is Christ. His Consciousness resides within yours. The Awareness of this Consciousness is Salvation. The Second Coming is the Awareness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This is only fantasy or imaginary to the devil your ego who knows nothing of the Spiritual realm or the kingdom of God which is in and among YOU!

Beloved this is not church and I Am not a pastor or priest. I Am the same as you. A Child of Our Father. Our Father is the Source and we are the Idea of this Source. This requires no belief only a willingness to Practice FORGIVENESS 70X7!

This world that you see is a conflict between two opposing wills and only one is reality. The two wills are the ego or will of the devil, and the other is God’s Will or the Father’s Will for YOU. If you feel fear in any form you are “listening” to the ego, if you feel a calm reassurance that Peace goes with you wherever you go then you are listening to the Will of yOur Father.

If you are reading these teachings and begin to apply them, you Will to See your life transformed from a living hell to the Awareness of Paradise. It is a mis-take or a great error to consider that God is enthroned somewhere high above yourself or the world, and to think that you have to “attain” it by rising yourself above the earth.

If you desire the Light of Salvation, be sure that you will Only find it first within yourself and then It will be experienced in your world. Do not blaspheme by calling it impossible; for You would not exist without this Light, and this light, Lights the world you see. Do Not remain in indecision My Brother, have the inner courage and the faith to choose and follow your own Loving path back to LOVE!!

Your “instructor” is yourself. To reveal the Truth to an-other is a thing no one can pretend to do. A “holy book” or Master can point the way and help to illuminate some of the stumbling blocks along the path, but to explain It is to postpone understanding in advance. Beloved ❤  you Are on the right path. There are No new Truths! Your goal is to recover the vital meaning of the ideas associated with Truth. You will know the Truth from fiction when you no longer want to suffer or judge your brothers and Sisters Ever again.

*Meditation will be the key to yOur success. *Meditation is mind quiet time. *A quiet mind is a receptive mind to things, “not of this world”. *In Silence, are all your questions answered. *BE still and Know that God resides within YOU!*



2 Responses to “The Aim is Salvation”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Wonderfull. I wish everyone could follow these posts.They are very clear & reveal so much….Thank you !!

    • Hello Lee! It is my hope that those who read these posts Will To Remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is within all of “us” right where Our Father placed It at Creation. *Meditation* will reveal Truths through experience. Simple just not easy at ‘times’, but that being said, it is not us doing the ‘work’, we need do nothing except to desire the knowledge of Our Father. Stay in this eternal moment; you will be Guided to the ‘next’. It is Forever Always Right Now, and you are So Very Safe Beloved, RIGHT NOW! Never Give UP!!

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