As a messenger of Jesus Christ and a teacher of God, YOU

will realize that your trained ego, the devil does not grasp spiritual teachings. It always intellectualizes them until finally at a bible study you are arguing about the size of the boat Noah built??? Never thinking about God or SALVATION of the world.

The more you teach the “others” in yOur  world, the more you see the insanity of blind-beliefs, and beliefs in general. Teach FORGIVENESS 70X7! The secret is this: “The kingdom of God IS within YOU!” This is not to be feared or judged as not valid, but embraced and sought for its “peace that surpasses all your understanding.” As you awaken to your freedom Beloved, you will understand the power blind belief has over the sons of men. As the kingdom is revealed in the silence to the seeker he understands the meaning of a “Child of God”, and to transcend the son of man consciousness one must Practice FORGIVENESS 70X7. As the mind is transformed the eyes see a new earth, one more Forgiving. The kingdom of God within you is not hostile. The hostility you experience is due to your judgment of the “others” you experience as separate from you. FORGIVENESS along with your daily mind quiet time, entitles you to look upon a new world. This new world is a mirror of your thoughts. It is that way Now only you do not “believe it” 🙂 The mind must be renewed by the teachings of Jesus Christ. To experience the kingdom of Heaven you cannot judge anyone for anything. You must surrender judgment entirely to experience the Sights and Sounds of God’s Kingdom, and not mans. The Spirit is then “allowed” by your willingness to FORGIVE, to transform your consciousness (mind) from fear back to Love!

You will not be Saved until you are fearless in Christ. Until you surrender ALL guilt and Judgment to your Holy Spirit to correct for you, Heaven will continue to be an “after you die” destination for believers. The era of blind-belief is over Beloved! Blind-belief without experience is brought about by the fear of God the Father.

Jesus Christ told the believers of His day that they were blind, not in judgment of them, but to Enlighten them to the true nature of their reality. How could blind religious leaders, “the Sanhedrin”, teach Salvation without themselves being Saved ??? 

Listen: You cannot give what you fail to receive yourself, And you cannot receive Salvation until you accept the Atonement, and you cannot accept the Atonement until you FORGIVE God the Father your blind insane beliefs against HIM!

Understand, that there is a Spiritual Awareness that is greater than all your “brain-knowledge”. Your brain has been trained like a monkey that does what it is asked and this motivation to “do tricks’ is fear induced,by a lack of food or some form of “suffering”. A lion tamer whips a lion to frighten it into submission. Beloved of God! You are No monkey or animal. Fear is a lie of the devil your ego! All fear is a brain knowledge, Love Knowledge comes as a result of listening in silence to the Voice of Love.

This is not king James church and Jesus Christ can be known by His followers NOW!!

We were mis-taken by the world Beloved! Would you rather be right or happy? Surrender your long-held fearful religious beliefs in favor of the Knowledge of Christ! This requires NO BELIEF and your faith in FORGIVENESS will be proven warranted by your new Vision.

When your Eyes are opened you will understand the Nazarene Master when He teaches us, “At first you will be disturbed, then you will marvel, then rule and reign.” As your inner consciousness is transformed by the willingness to FORGIVE and not Judge, your mind is renewed and looks upon a world you rule rather one that rules over YOU ❤

In closing, you are one with everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear. This is why we ONLY hurt ourselves when we attack an-other. As you Awaken you will see the insanity of war. Children coming home (IAM 50, so the wounded veterans are children ❤ to me), with PTSD, with no legs and missing arms, some deformed beyond recognition. Why do we still war??? You have the power within YOU to STOP the insanity of war Beloved, and to FORGIVE your enemies and not try to kill them. You are safe and secure when you DO NOT ATTACK an-other. Suffering comes as a result of attack and not Forgiveness! When you FORGIVE an-other, you Will to See the Oneness of your Created “State of BE-ingness.”

Keep Going Within ❤



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