Simply Put.

You are invulnerable to effects outside yourself, and you fear this Self-Awareness. Not in reality but in illusions. Illusion is sleep.

 You are caught in the net of thought which vail reality from your mind. You reside in Paradise, dreaming you are trapped in hell where death is your only way out.

Believe in death no longer my Beloved Brother and you will begin the accension back to the awareness of the Promised land.

The Spirit within you is waiting patiently to receive Its Own. This is done in consciousness, with all the ‘Work” being derived from within your own consciousness. Egotistical works of the devil are less than useless in the attainment of Salvation as Jesus Christ teaches His followers. You must allow your Higher Spirit or Holy Spirit, the Spirit within to Guide you past all your current fears. YOU NEED DO NOTHING!

Many believe that to experience Heaven they must die. Death is not a reality. The body does not die, because the body is not real! You are very much unaware of this “deathless-consciousness”  because you have never tested the Spirit within and asked to be shown the Truth of your Creation. You have chosen to believe the holy books of men instead of Knowing the Truth that sets men free!

Nothing is “God breathed” but YOU ❤

Knowledge comes from experience Not through your personal worldy beliefs. The false-belief in death keeps your mind from the renewal process of awareness, thus keeping you from experiencing the resurrected formlessness of the risen Jesus Christ.

This is not king James church Beloved, I am not a Priest or Pastor, and the Master from Nazareth Jesus Christ, is Not dead! This fact is beyond belief, but not beyond your personal experience when you follow the teachings of the Nazarene Master!

Ultimately all reality is experienced as formless and Blissful beyond your thoughts. This is because form is a Judgment brought about by projection from the ego’s fear within a mind at war within itself. Your mind is split, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, the reason is guilt brought about by judging what God Created for you perfectly. ITS ALL YOU. You MUST Become a Guiltless learner!!

God will never be found by believing in holy books. Holy books are mans way of protecting himself from the fear of God through belief in false theological premises. Silly Child of God, books make up the wisdom of the world, and will never have you experiencing the kingdom of God within YOU!

 “BELIEFS” are the grand illusion made up by the egotistical devil within your current consciousness. You believe because you do Not know, and you do not know because you believe insane theories about your Heavenly Father.

In closing, When you “attack” yOur enemies what happens? You are hurt by your preemptive attack, not them! LOOK!! and SEE if you have the eyes to See, LOOK at yOur young boys and girls that we send off to war, to fight and kill others in the name of freedom or safety, they come back home “very injured”, no arms or legs or worse, traumatic stress that causes them to never be happy again??? no matter how many pills, drugs or how much alcohol they ingest to relieve the suffering.

You have the POWER Within You to STOP the madness!!

FORGIVENESS 70X7 is the ONLY WAY to have Salvation and to Know death is a self-inflicted wound to the child of man. Very much unaware that he is the Child of God, man lives his life in fear of the Almighty because of his false fear based beliefs about the true nature of reality. To know and become aware of your Divinity you must Do as the Master suggests you Do and that is to: “”Seek the kingdom of God within YOU”” ❤

Questions? Email ELIMINATEFEAR@GMAIL.COM or call anytime 619~715~4489.

The teachings of Jesus Christ were not debatable 2000 years ago, and they are not debatable now. You will know the Truth or you will not, the choice has Always been your own, Heavenly knowledge or hellish beliefs.

In His Protection we are free to explore and test the Spirit of the Eternal Loving Consciousness that Created what you see; IAm You and YOU are ME and United in LOVE we are FREE!!

more to follow…

Your Brother, aka ‘David Winter’


2 Responses to “Simply Put.”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Beautiful & Thank you ! I’m learning more 7 more each day

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