First things First…*Matt.6:33

Jesus Christ is not teaching to your EGO intellect, NO, He is teaching to Awaken your sleeping Spirit within.

The Holy Spirit is the bridge if you will, between Heaven and hell. You cannot experience the kingdom of God/Heaven as long as you still believe in fear as real. Just as: “You can not wake yourself but you can allow your Self to be Awakened.” 

This Awakening is the Atonement. It’s the Awareness of the Atonement that you are having the trouble with 🙂  You Must surrender All religious beliefs and follow Jesus Christ’s teachings. This was too much for the ‘rich young ruler’ I know it will not be too much for you Beloved ❤ !!

Without accepting the Atonement through FORGIVENESS, you Will to always be a “believer”, never coming into the Awareness of the resurrected formlessness of Jesus Christ!!

This is not king James church, and your saviour is not dead Beloved.

He wants you to know He will keep you from ALL harm that this hell will toss your way. You must be willing to follow your Inner Spirit to this “Promised Land” that Jesus Christ calls Heaven. FORGIVENESS *Practiced* 70X7 Wills to show you the miracles of Jesus Christ!

BE-gin by looking for and ‘seeking’ Jesus Christ in the inner stillness of your consciousness. As Christ makes Himself known to you, your fear of God, due to past false-fear based beliefs is Eliminated! The fear of God is the last hurdle you need surmount, however, remember Jesus Christ has already surmounted this hurdle through His Atonement or the undoing of false fear-based beliefs about God His/yOur Father.

The fear of God is insane. Many, the majority of Muslim and Christian believers fear God. They “believe” and falsely that God, created man and woman, they went “out of control” and He (God) had to “kill them”, so He drowned them by “flooding the earth” even allowing the children of these men and women to suffer by drowning???

AnyOne who “BELIEVES” this is insane, but very much unaware of the level of their insanity.

When you Will to know the Father you See that these stories are fabrications of truth meant by the devil to deceive the Children of God, keeping them intellectually, children of men, never transcending fear and Seeing the insanity of their personal fears.

more to follow… ❤


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