the one necessary thing is to know yOur Creative Source…

and no organization, pastor or friend can do this for you. This requires that All fear be removed from your mind. You can not enter into the experience of Heaven until fear has been transended by your Holy Spirit.

Your Creative Source did not create fear you make it up, so fear is Not real except in your own mind. You Judge what you see not knowing how what see got there. Your judgments stem from your personal beliefs. Everyone believes differently and this is why “different people” fear different things, NONE of which are reality.

You have no faith in God because you believe “?false-truths?” about your Heavenly Father. He is NO devil who scares His Children, and you have NEVER been in danger from Him althought you “believe” you have!
You are so very safe Beloved, your Heavenly Father Never did what is written by men to frighten you. Why do you believe these stories?

Example, you were told a man named Noah, built a big boat beacuse God said to him, “Noah I am going to flood the earth because I screwed up and…” well you get the picture. You believe insane things about God without knowing your Father! STOP this madness by FORGIVING God for what He never did to You or Jesus Christ!!

This is not church and Jesus Christ can be known by you now.

LOOK! Do you have any needs right now this moment? NO!! and it’s always been “RIGHT THIS MOMENT” and you have never had a “NEED” not be met.

You are experiencing the Atonement of Jesus Christ right now, you are just not aware of this Atonment. The Atonement is the undoing of your false beliefs by the Son of God. The son of man is unaware of his Godly connection because of fear, so God “sent His Son” that all who would become “Children of God” and not just of man, would become One and have the knowledge of eternal life! This is not complicated to your Holy Spirit, He is Who teaches you to surrender your ego the devil and hear the Voice for your Heavenly Father!

*Meditation* is mind quiet time, and must be persuded to find the kingdom of God within you. You accept the Atonment through FORGIVENESS 70X7. By “accept” is meant made aware of the renewed world or the kingdom of Heaven!

Jesus Christ is within your conscious range, because your “conscious range” is everything and everyOne! Its All you, means you have NO enemies and FORGIVENESS Wills to show you this.

In closing, Christian and Muslim, FORGIVE your Brother his false beliefs! He only believes out of the fear of God as you do!! The Prophet Mohamed and Jesus Christ teach the same religion! However “their followers” are very much unaware of this fact due to Judgment (‘hardened hearts’)and NOT Knowing Who their Brother IS!! Your holy book, like your Brothers holy book, is filled with errors about Our Heavenly Father!

God is Not the father of insanity the devil is!! Your teachers keep you blind, because they themselves have Never Experienced the “New World” as Mohamed taught, or the “Kingdom of Heaven” that the followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ Experience. *see Luke 11:52

In His Love ❤

Enough for today…


One Response to “the one necessary thing is to know yOur Creative Source…”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Thank you , David ! I needed to hear this today !!!

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