Peace will first be experienced “behind the eyes”

The eyes will to See what a peace-filled Mind reflects!

Look for yOur kingdom within and the Father will “give you everything”! Or as the Nazarene Master taught ‘Us’ “2000 years ago”, “Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God within you, and then All Things will be added unto you.”

The eyes are the minds canvas. The blind will See if First they seek within. The body is not real. Your eyes report back to the mind that which it reflects.  When you realize via *Meditation* that all fears are insane, you Will to awaken from your self-induced fearful sleep.

Nothing is against you! Ask the Love within fearlessly to Guide you past all your conceptual fears as they relate to your outer world. You are attempting to align Cause with Effect. You are the Effect of the Cause of Love unknown to you because of your fearful beliefs. Your fear based beliefs will not last in the face of Love, when you are willing to question Every belief you hold dear.

Never give into guilt. Guilt is the insane Idea that you can be different or act different than you were Created. Guilt is insane thinking brought about by the fear of offending the “other”, Brother, there are NO others to be offended, it’s All your Consciousness at play in your world.

If you feel guilty for some thought, the thought is insane, let it go.  The “event never went down” the way your ego is presenting it to you now. 

Your are FORGIVEN when you FORGIVE!!

Give Everything to Everything and You Will to awaken. It’s All YOU ❤

more to follow….


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