Fear is illusionary, All of ”it’…

As you read these words, if you feel fear or are afraid for any reason know that it is the devil your ego attacking you. The devil does not accept change of purpose easily as first. As you progress down your chosen path to Salvation and Enlightenment, the ego, your personal devil will be less and less intrusive, the thoughts will subside when once they have been experienced as false and misleading you.

Jesus Christ is not dead Beloved ❤

My Brother and Sister, your Father whom is in Heaven asks you to remember your Source, this is accomplished Not by you, but through your willingness to let go of or surrender all your fear based false-beliefs about your Heavenly Father, He is NO demon as the ego has led you to ‘believe.’ Your Heavenly Father wants you “His Child” to awaken from the horrible nightmare that has consumed you throughout ‘time’.

Do Not be afraid of God any longer. Your fear of God keeps you in a perpetual state of Judgment of your surroundings.  God Created you One with your surroundings as a part of Himself! Your Judgment brought about by fear keeps you from SEEING the kingdom of God. God is only Love and has Never killed any part of His Creation, if you “believe” He has you are fearfully insane.

Your insanity is sleep. You sleep and dream a fearful dream against your creative Source…. The devil or your egocentric personality keeps you sleeping, using fear as the vail to Heaven!

This is Not church and Jesus Christ is not dead.

*Now imagine for a moment if you will that you are asleep in your bed at night and you have been sleeping for two hours, wonderfully sleeping with no interruptions to interfere. In you’re dreaming state you see other bodies moving about, some are doing “good things” and some are doing “bad things” sometimes you “get what you want” in your dream and other times you do not, but remember its all a dream, but you are not aware you were dreaming until you Awaken….it’s the same as now…you sleep but are very much unaware that you sleep, however if you are reading these words you are not as insane as you once were as to your surroundings.

Your savior is one with you in consciousness. Like two different liquids of the same consistency will mix, when your consciousness is ready you will ‘mix’ with the Christ within you! Christ is without fear and is the “Son of God”. His “Second Coming” will First be experienced within your consciousness and then manifested into your reality.

Never give UP!! The devil your personal ego is the great deceiver of reality due to false-fear, based on your beliefs about where you are, who you are and what you are!

Never stop SEEKING!! Jesus Christ is not dead and Never died. Swear not to die, you holy Child of God! 

  • Think on this and do not be afraid little one…..Jesus lives within your consciousness ready to be known to you. Death is not a reality in the kingdom which your heavenly Father Created perfectly for YOU ❤  Your dream has you believing and falsely that God allowed His Son to suffer and die at the hands of His Creation. This did not happen the way you believe it did.

All your past thoughts are dreams, all your future thoughts are dreams, to awaken from past or future dreaming which is egotisticaly and fearfully induced, You Must be willing to FORGIVE 70X7. This willingness will be moved along by your Helper within. Your Holy Spirit will Guide you as you seek Him in spirit and in truth, NOT in the flesh and beliefs. A quiet mind is the fertile ground in which Conscious expands until time is no longer needed and you See that you have never been in ANY danger.

In closing, an Awakened mind is a quiet mind! An Awaken mind hears the silent Voice of its Loving Creator and progresses Fearlessly down the path to Salvation, which is the Awakened reserection of the kingdom of God!!

enough for today…




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