“Watchfulness” is truthful observance of the motives of your actions. This is an individual search for the Divine within. The Divine is there and waiting for you to “let go” so you can see that all fear is egocentric in nature and keeps the Divine witness from BE-ing known for Who It Is.

Behind all religions there is only one Truth. Jesus Christ is not religious, He is action oriented, meaning, ‘He instructs His followers to *PRACTICE* Forgiveness, Non-Judgment and giving NO thought for future events to come.’ This allows the mind to be renewed away from fear and into Love. Your faith without practical application is less than useless.

Nothing in the world will ever satisfy you for very long. The reason is, what you see, is a part of you, unknown to you. The Teachings of Jesus Christ *PRACTICED* will open your mind to the awareness of Who and What you ARE. You are not a mind trapped in a body. You Are everything you see, hence “Forgive your enemies, 70X7”; for you are one with that which you Judge as bad, evil or wrong. FORGIVENESS allows for Non-judgment, and this “changes the mind” from fear to Love and the eyes see what was blinded by your personal Judgments before.

DO NOT FEAR ANYTHING ANYLONGER. This is accomplished through meditation or mind quiet time. Mind quiet time allows you to hear the “still small Voice within the kingdom of God.” This is Foolish to all non practicing disciples of Jesus Christ.  You Will to see so you will See. Never give into the devil your ego. Allow yourself to experience this life without thought as often as you are mindful that you are thinking or planning for the future.

I understand this can be scary in the beginning but it is not dangerous. You have never been and never will be in “actual danger.” Your personal long held religious beliefs are fooling you into believing insane ideas about your current experience or your Father in Heaven.

In closing, the obstacles to be eliminated are selfish aims and obstinate persistence in personal points of view. When these have been removed, you will become free to look inward and observe realities of a Universal order, you will Know that the Kingdom of God is within you and this will have you experiencing a life that is without fear and is only Loving.

Your Loving Brother,

David Winter



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  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    I love this teaching

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