Mind, which is thought, Is Consciousness, pt1of 2.

What is consciousness, and why do we need to understand the mind to experience Salvation? The reason is, consciousness is where you seek to find the Awareness of God!

The Nazarene Master told His followers (you), to seek the Kingdom of God that is within YOU! He is talking about and teaching about Consciousness.

“The Father” is the Higher Consciousness, and “Heaven” is the Higher State of Mind to which the teachings of Jesus Christ guide you.

“The Holy Spirit” is your Higher Guide, and “Christ” is the Idea “God” The Father has of YOU! As you seek for the Christ within His kingdom, “He” makes Himself known to you.

Jesus Christ is Not Dead!!

“Death is an illusionary thought in consciousness projected out as a result of the belief in the power of fear over you.” So you see what you see because you “believe” it is there. When you are afraid for ANY REASON you have allowed your trained ego, “the devil” to rule your world, and your world when it is ruled by the devil, is “hell.”

When your mind is changed or “Renewed”, it allows you to experience Heaven. Jesus Christs’ teachings are not debatable, they will be experienced if PRACTICED or they will not.

To experience Jesus Christ’s resurrection or His “Second Coming” you must seek Him where He is to be found, and that is the Consciousness “within”. If you only BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, you are wasting your time in this fearful dream of “sin, death and hell.” To exit hell and return your mind to Heaven requires that you FORGIVE 70X7, Everyone all the ‘time’!!

What you see is one with you. It was created this why so you could remember who and what you are in reality. You have NO enemies although you BELIEVE you do. Belief’s Are the cause of All your suffering, emotional, physical and spiritual.

end of part 1.



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