Consciousness, pt2of2.

Jesus Christ is the “Saviour of the world” because without His teachings, *FORGIVENESS70X7*, you would be ‘trapped’ eternally in hell with your Brothers and Sisters, who can free you beside you. You do not SEE because you Judge!

The Father did not will that you stay in hell, so He “sent YOU a Saviour!” Your beliefs are the cause of suffering as it relates to your existence. If you “BELIEVE” God is a demon, who kills His creation through floods, or plagues and by allowing the cruxi-Fiction His “own Son”, you are kept trapped by you own false-beliefs. You are in an animated state of fearful insanity afraid to seek your Father or Christ for fear they will kill you???

YOU ARE SAFE!! No matter what you currently believe! You have never been in Any Danger, Ever!

Consciousness Wills to awaken You to your reality or the True Nature of yOur Reality!! You will Awaken by your willingness to FORGIVE God the Father for what HE NEVER DID to Jesus Christ, “His Son” or you, His Beloved Child ❤

Believe the madness of earthly rulers No Longer. Free your mind by seeking the Christ within His Kingdom, and you too will SEE that this world is yOur world and it is Heavenly!

All religious believers, (Muslims, Christians or ???) it is time to Unite in Fatherly Love and not be divided by demonic egotistical judgment induced by your fear of God the Father. Mental control is accepted because you fear God. This fear is insane. Insanity is perpetrated on a believing mind.

S T O P ! “Believing!” Jesus Christ’s followers are NOT BELIEVERS they are “Saved” from the power of belief by the Experiences they attain while PRACTICING NON-Judgement, FORGIVENESS70X7, and by taking NO thought for tomorrow!

To awaken to Salvation of Jesus Christ you must be willing to FORGIVE God for what He never did. You do not need feel guilty for your false-beliefs. You were mis-Taken and the Father is very much aware of this fact. He sent a Saviour and His Saviour is available to YOU, when you are ready to FORGIVE70X7 and NEVER Judge an”Other” as wrong or bad.

HEAVEN or hell it’s your choice.

FORGIVENESS or Judgment it’s your choice.

VISION or belief it’s your choice.

LOVE or fear its your choice, and what you choose to see, you will to see and what you Will to See, YOU SEE ❤




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