First Within, then without….

First “within”, then look out!

You have been looking in the wrong place, you have been seeking in the wrong direction, to eliminate fear you Must go in the other direction, away from fear to Love, and See that the fear was an illusion.

When you look out, what you are unaware of is; “you are seeing your past thoughts manifested as your reality, and wonder why it takes so much time and effort to change your perception.”  Remember, the past is not here and the future is not now, only the Present is Here, Now!

To See this Gift of Heaven, you must FORGIVE the past (pain), and not Judge the future (anxiety).  Change your focus about what you ‘think’, this will bring you peace and happiness, and You will realize all your dreams come True!

How is this done……”Look for the Source of everything first, within you, and then everything will be yours.” Or as the Greatest Teacher of the inner and outer world taught us over 2000 years ago, “Seek YOU First the Kingdom of God and All else will be Added unto You!”

Understand, “God” is not waiting to tell you at the end of life what life was for, “He” wants to tell you now, what life is for! You are safe and in Heaven Right Now!! Salvation comes as you trust God, by eliminating fear of future events to come.

This is accomplished as you trust God,more and more, by Letting go of future events or thoughts that cause you anxiety; They Are NOT REAL!! As you “practice” the teachings of Jesus Christ you will Experience Truth and never form a “belief” about “God” again!

The God of the Holy books, is a God of vengeance, judgment and wrath. You will never experience that God now. That God can only be experienced in the past or future, both of which are not a Reality, Now!  That God was made up so You would not look for the God of Now!  When was the last time you “looked within” as Christ instructed His followers to do ???

As you begin to eliminate fear, you will heal, spiritually, emotionally and physically. You experience this Healing, by Forgiving everything you were told was true, in exchange for what you Now Know is the Truth, because you Experienced IT!!

Faith is the opposite of faithlessness. Faith combined with Forgiveness Will ‘change your mind’ or “re-New  yOur Mind” and Allow your Eyes to See what you could have never seen in Judgment ❤

Why “believe” in hell in the future, when Jesus Christ tells you more than one time in your holy book, that “The Kingdom of God is Now!

Awaken to Peace and Joy by surrendering your egotistical Judgments on the Father and His Creation of YOU ❤

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The time for awakening is NOW! YOU are BELOVED!!


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