~You can never experience True Love in the dream as you are dreaming it~

~You can never experience True Love in the dream as you are dreaming it~

In the dream as you are dreaming it every’body’ dies. You cannot Love without conditions that which you can lose. Loss implies fear and fear is the opposite of Love.Your ego is very fearful. The holy spirit within is not.

YOU must seek that which cannot die and Know this as your Source, other wise your life is filled with beliefs that in the end will be seen as nothing more than mental illusions that have caused All your suffering.

God only Created the Perfect, because God is Perfect! You fear perfection because you do not Know God, and believe that you are an imperfect sinner deserving only death. This is the cause of ALL your current suffering in “your world.”

You see imperfection as a result of your Judgmental thoughts against what God created Perfect. Namely YOUR brothers and Sisters ❤ When the mind, “your mind” Forgives it Wills to see Perfection, until then FORGIVENESS and Non-Judgement is just foolishness!

 This is “foolishness” to believers. Believers believe out of the fear of God. Knowers Know because of the Love of God. Beloved ❤ You are so very safe! But to Experience this safety you cannot JUDGE Anything as wrong Any longer! When someone ‘believes’ differently than you you judge them as wrong and you as right.

I teach what Jesus Christ teaches His disciples to teach, and this is FORGIVENESS 70X7 so the mind can be changed and the Eyes then can See the Kingdom of God that is within them ❤

When Jesus was in physical form the believers (Sadducees) of His day did not follower His teachings, just as the believers of today have their “Holy Book” and do not follow Him.

God did not create FEAR, SIN or DEATH so they DO NOT EXIST! They only exist in your mind where the devil rules and rules ferociously!

You are Not a follower unless you FOLLOW!! Claim to believe and be anything you want, but you are a hypocrite if you Claim to Love God’s creation and still JUDGE IT!!!

How can YOU ever experience and see the beauty of The Rose when your mind is centered and focused on the thorns??? A Judgmental mind is a blind mind. A blind mind is an UN-Forgiving mind and an UN-Forgiving mind is NOT a Mind that is Following the teachings of a man like Jesus CHrist to the Kingdom of Heaven within!!

I can be contacted at 619~715~4489.

Never stop seeking your Heavenly Father No matter what you believe!!

In His Love,
Your eternal Brother,


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