~Change your mind and you Will to change what you See~

If you believe that the attainment of Heaven now is impossible and that Heaven comes in the future after your death or “world destruction” then you are not PRACTICING the teaching “take NO thought for tomorrow.”

How will a hell-fire in the “future” be real and burn you when Jesus Christ tells you to STOP thinking about tomorrow???

 “David Winter” takes no thought for tomorrow, and this has allowed him to see that FAITH in God is Faith justified! You are So very safe from EVERYTHING in the future because the future is NOT REAL! When you Will to Know this you will be free of All suffering. Now is All there ever was ❤

Let me ask a question of you. Do you know 100%, right now, that you will be ‘alive and breathing’ on the earth tomorrow? Of course you do not. So the future to the ego is like this, ” I am going to worry myself sick about something that will never happen.”

 You are so very safe Beloved ! You are invincible and very much unaware of your invincibility because you Judge what God has Created perfect for YOU and YOU alone ❤

God did not create “past and future” you are making it up. “God” your very loving Source created eternity, and eternity is “timeless.” As you understand this even “intellectually/egotisticaly”, then you at least know “you do not know.”

What does David Winter know for sure? NOTHING!

When you know you do not know you can allow yourself to be taught by your Higher Self or “Holy Spirit”. The name “Jesus Christ” represents an Enlightened Saviour who still is accessible to His followers, this is very much unbelievable to the devil your ego, because you prefer Not to know the Truth, God is very scary to believers of k. James’ terror manifesto.

Your belief in death has your mind paralyzed in fear by the terror of “what comes after death.” NOTHING COMES AFTER DEATH!! LIFE IS AL THERE IS NOW!! You see death because you believe in death and you believe in death because you BELIEVE in k. James fear manifesto.

Hell-fire is the equivalent of a nightmare, in the same way when a child is lied to about something very scary. Is hell-fire scary, you betcha it is, is it dangerous NEVER! Your creative Source Loves YOU and this requires NO BELIEF TO KNOW!! If hell-fire could exist your Creative Source would be insane and your Father is Not Insane, the ego your devil is. When David Winter realized that hell-fire was a mental block unto Salvation is when I realized God’s Love for His Creation. I knew that the body was the ego’s idol; the belief in sin (or, lack of love) made flesh and projected it outward.

These teachings are for Everyone, you can delay Salvation or Enlightenment in “time” but never eternally. When you are done suffering and realize All suffering is within your control to release, you Will Know you are THAT and FORGIVENESS 70X7 brings  Heaven into Vision.

ITS ALL YOU Beloved !


“A changed mind sees a changed world”

For those who have the Eyes to SEE, LOOK!!




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