God is your Source, Love is all there Is.


~”GOD”, your Source, did not create the world that you are aware of, you are making it up~

God could not create a world of “division by religion”, war, sickness, disease, “hell-fire”, sin and eventually in time, death. You fear God beacuse you believe and falsely that He created the world you see. The world you see was made up by a mind at war with itself because of fear.

When you go within via MEDITATION , your mind is allowed to be changed to FORGIVE what you see thus removing your Judgement on what God has created perfect….

The teachings of Jesus Christ PRACTICED, Show you the King James bible is flawed. But it is only flawed because your ego the devil believes Everything that is written within it’s pages. Your true Self who remembers your Father could Never BELIEVE Love created death and hell-fire!

If you are a teacher who makes his/her “living” from others belief in the bible being “God Breathed” or “The Entire Truth”, remember when Jesus Christ tells you to “Follow Him.” Paul is king James savior, Not Jesus Christ!

You are “caught” in a dream of Judgment, do not JUDGE and you will to See Jesus Christ

*Where is Jesus Christ?
*Where is “The kingdom of God”?
*Where are YOU?

The Holy Spirit within will Be your Guide to the Truth that sets you free when you know Jesus Christ and understand through your personal experience that He did Not die.

Jesus Christ Wants you to know, needs you to know that He is Risen.

enough for today…

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