Awake-UP :)

~The presence of fear in your mind at Anytime begins to “break the body down.”~

 Fear is the cause of all illness. A fearless person is a healed person, both mentally and physically. Fear of anykind is Not real, even the fear of death is a lie of the devil, your ego! Delay your Salvation no longer My Brothers and Sisters, delay was never apart of Jesus Christs teachings. Stand against all of your fears by the power of Christ within YOU.

QUIT YOUR JOB! 🙂 if it is not getting you closer to Salvation and knowing God your Heavenly Father! Radical yes, insane NO! Hence, “give up everything and follow me!” Jesus Christ knows you are NEVER in Danger ❤

Jesus Christ will ensure you are always provided for. The only reason you see “homeless people” is because you do not know your Father in Heaven!

Do you really believe God would make you sleep out in the rain? Fear is the cause of your faulty perceptions, but because Christ Is within you, you have nothing to fear. But wait! you do Not know Christ, so you are afraid if you follow your bliss God will “send you to hell” when you die.

Brother, Sister, see the insanity in such false-beliefs and turn the other way. Would you rather be Right or Happy? The ego is ALWAYS Right and the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS HAPPY!

If you are not Happy it is because you are choosing to be un-happy.

Fear produces guilt, which manifests as sacrafice and personal suffering. You give away happiness without being happy yourself and you resent this. The reason you feel resentment is because you fear that if you do not sacrafice yourself for the ‘other’s’ you will be alone. And the Last thing anyone wants is to be alone.

The entire time we are resisting surrendering our fears to the Christ within, because like we stated earler, We do not Know Christ, we “believe” we may see Him if we are “good enough” after God takes our life! NONSENSE, thats False-belief!

**Begin this day to cultivate a love relationship, and see Jesus Christ as a “Real Life Alive Spirit” within YOU ❤
*Please get this “Christian”, Jesus Christ! Yes that Jesus Christ is within YOU NOW! Allow Him to change your mind to His Mind or “the Mind of Christ!”
The Mind of Christ is the sane mind the Atonement offers to All followers of Jesus Christ.

**This ain’t church Beloved!** Do not be afraid, you were Mis-TAKEN. Church is so 1600’s. let it go! Church is “fearism”! Let Jesus Christ reveal Himself to YOU ❤

In closing for today, if you are afraid of ANYTHING, A N Y TH I NG!! And you do not turn that fear over to Jesus Christ within YOU then you are “Anti-Christ” and pro-devil or egotistical and sick.

The devil and his/her fears are Not real. The ego is a concept made up of “beliefs” you have about yourself and ‘others.’ This false-concept keeps the knowledge of your Onenes with God out of your mind by fear thoughts. In reality you CANNOT be apart from God. God’s grace goes un-noticed by the devil because of your lack of faith in Christ within YOU.

The teaching’s are simple just not easy because of the false-belief in fear! How can you really trust God in your current state of mind? You Can’t! And the reason for this mis-trust in God your Father is simply you do not Know Him or Jesus Christ!

Christ within you is reading this the same as the concept “you” is. The difference is Jesus Christ knows you are only dreaming a scary dream, the ego believes and falsely that’s it’s dangerous!

Beliefs are Never a requirement for entering Heaven, the only requirement is a lack of fear of God!


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