*~Beyond Belief~*

*~Beyond Belief~*
This is for those among us whose beliefs have not served the purpose for their acceptance.

Why would anyone accept the concept of “hell-fire?” What is the purpose for accepting a belief so anti to the teachings of Jesus Christ, that it’s laughable once it’s insanity has been recognized. However, It is not laughable by those who still march in the parade to death.

What does the “belief” in hell-fire do except postpone your Enlightenment or what Jesus Christ calls Salvation from this world! Go beyond insanity Brother! Dig deep within and allow the Spirit of truth to dispel All belief from your world.

Belief is an insane concept generated as a result of personal fears. Fear causes the Son or Daughter of God to become so insane that he/she even fears His Father!! You are not reading these words by some cosmic accident, their are no accidents in a Divine creation. Christ calls to you to “come home, come home”, this world is not your Loving Heaven, created by a Loving Father!

Why do you believe anything? You do not have to believe you love your children, you do not have to believe in electricity or gravity, the reason is you Know! We only form beliefs to ease our weary minds. False-beliefs about God cause a mind or “thought process” that was created perfect to go “hay-wire.”

As the mind is calmed through prayer and meditation, the world is seen anew.The people Jesus was teaching to are like most people today, they had their false-beliefs that had been handed down generation after generation to them, so change was extremely fearful. They believed God flooded the earth and killed everybody???; Much like “believers” today accept the evil concept of hell-fire??? The reason for such insane beliefs is they did not Know God the Father!!

You can Know God Now, but if you believe in hell-fire you will not want to know Him. You must at this point see the evil nature of your beliefs.

*Look at your world today and see for yourself the diabolical nature of belief. *Look at the country of Iraq. The belief in WMD’s caused all the insanity that proceeded the belief. Belief=insanity!*

See that God is Love and only Loving by seeking the Christ within YOU ♥

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Christ is there, waiting to be acknowledged! This is Beyond Belief of any kind. How can you believe Christ is within??? You will Know or you will not Know, but as you now see, “believing” Christ is within you is like winning the lottery and never checking the ticket.

Your Rich!!, but you walk around “Believing” your broke!

Enough for today. . .

P.s. You are not a victim to the world you see. Rejoice Beloved, REJOICE!!


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