When you trust God for everything all fear is removed.

When you trust God for everything all fear is removed.

When fear is eliminated Love takes its place. The whole journey, the entire path is learning to remember love again! If you knew the love of God for you right now, All your dreams would come true. The reason is your mind would be free to create like It’s Father.
A free mind, is one, who’s one with Christ and manifests reality without dualism. It understands the paradox is brought about by a fear of knowing the truth. The paradox vanishes in the light of FORGIVENESS. If you radically Forgive your world changes radically to Love! You see, a paradox is a Judgment twice removed.

In other words, you are Judging something, you “put there”, and forgot you did it. This produces fear and seems to justify attack. You always attack yourself first, so this is where FORGIVENESS needs first be seen, as self FORGIVENESS.

You can not awaken yourself from the dream but you can allow yourself to be awakened. The method is and will always be FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS brings Judgment to a screeching halt, because;

“All judgment is self judgment” Thomas Conway.

Quiet the mind, Awaken to Your Soul!

There is No other reason to exist here, except to Know God ♥


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