God made this world for You! and YOU ALONE!!

God made this world for You! and YOU ALONE!!

When you realize this, you will have the Salvation that Jesus taught. The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.

If you judge someone as wrong for example, ITS YOU WHO IS JUDGED!! God made it that way. So you would learn about your Oneness with Creation! He made everything you see for Your Enjoyment! There is NO death!! AWAKEN TO FREEDOM!!

Jesus tells us miners trapped in a mine for a long time do not jump for joy at first sign of their release into the sunlight. The darkness still obscures the light, they squint because the Brightness is too bright for eyes newly received into the Light ♥

The Spirit of Christ is within you now, waiting for your acknowledgement. You are afraid to look within as to what may be there in your consciousness to hurt you. Brother, Sister it is Not there. When you ask Christ to come, HE CAME!! ♥ HE CAME!! HE CAME!! HE CAME!! He Is there! Christ resides within you now. Fear not to look upon the Christ within you now!

You have NEVER Sin’ed as you believed you had. Sin is a concept, where by the Creator has NO SAY SO in what you do. It’s insane, but the explanation will clarify why sin is false. Your Source knows what you are going to do before you do it.
OK, If you made a 1955 Chevy, that car could do a lot of things but one thing it could not do, is toast bread. It was built as a car not an appliance. It can not do something you did not enable it to do.

Same as Your Creator, God did not enable you to hurt yourself!! ♥ You can believe you can, but YOU CAN NOT!! ♥ You are perfect no matter what you believe. You can not sin no matter what you believe because God Created You SINLESS!! The only way to See Christ is to See the SINLESSNESS in your Brother and Sister. When you do this the world is free of your Judgment and can be the way God Created it to be, Heavenly!!

Release your judgement on God’s children so you can see that He gave them to You to Love!♥

Do not fear Beloved. When you know how safe and invulnerable you are, learning God did not make a hell fire for “unbelievers” will be common sense.

does this help you?


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