~There is a place within you now that is so still, it remembers before ‘time’ first started ticking in your mind~

(Space and Time are both illusions that the teachings of Jesus teach you how to contend with so they no longer hold you in there grips, and Salvation can dawn on you)

At the outset of Jesus’ public ministry, gospel records indicate that His main ministry was “The Kingdom of God” and it’s attainment. His exhortation to “seek ye first the Kingdom of God” is at the heart of His sermon on the mount. The only prayer that He is known to have taught His disciples, urgently and fervently seeks God, “THY Kingdom come!”

Again and again Jesus is teaching about His, Your, Our “Father’s Kingdom” and (methods) how to “get there”, “see it”, how to Know death is a LIE!!!

John 3:5





and John14:6

Jesus is teaching that this Kingdom of God is not found by “observation” or by the use of the 5 senses, no, but by the interior-zation if you will, of consciousness, to even be able to perceive that the Father is even there to be found. This “interior-zation” which is completed by your Holy Spirit, and you need do NOthing, is to prepare you for the Second Coming of Christ within You! Christ has NEVER Left. Your false beliefs about hell-fire and an angry God has thus far kept the truth from penetrating the vial of fear that you erected to keep the truth from being known to you.

Heaven is not a physical location obtained after death. Rather Heaven is a state of mind found within the “Kingdom of God”, just behind your material or ego consciousness.

What you are looking for has been hidden behind many different layers of fear. You must allow the Holy Spirit, Your Holy Spirit! to show you all your fears are unfounded.

side note: there was a point in my personal awakening process where I had no car, no house, no phone, no job and no money, and I was the happiest man on earth, little did I know at the time, I was standing in Heaven and my eyes were just beginning to flicker in anticipation of Knowing The Kingdom of God!

Fear is a Vail to which Christ stands unseen and unknown to you, because you fear looking on the sinlessness of your Brother. Your judgment of your Brother keeps Christ from revealing Himself to you, through your Brother! Jesus taught FORGIVENESS because He knew you would be Forgiving yourself.

The Kingdom of God is not separate from the kingdom of matter, but is both within it. This is why Jesus tells us to ask your Father for what you want, but first you have to KNOW THIS LOVING FATHER!!

Enough for today. . . ♥


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