~The only reason to exist is to Know Your Source, God~

~The only reason to exist is to Know Your Source, God~
Otherwise you’re gonna die with your false beliefs about God your Father.

I know that sounds insane to a world that believes they are separate from “HE.” He is not a He and neither are you a body. Oneness is experienced as “total freedom and liberty” from the body. The body is not real. The consciousness behind the body called “His Father” by Christ is reality. Your mind controls the body, yet you are not aware of this fact of your creation.

The body cannot “get sick” unless the mind agrees to be sick. A fearful mind is a sick mind indeed. Fear (unreality) inters the mind as a result of Judgment and UN-forgiveness. Now the body becomes sick as a result of a mind in fear. Love (Reality) must now sit back AND WAIT. Your will is the only will God will not over ride and that can keep healing from your consciousness, this is because God your Father Knows sickness is an illusion and not real! He created reality for You and You alone, you have choose instead to dream a dream that God kills and life ends. This is not sane but an insanity so chaotic that without the Holy Spirit you could not even breath on your own!

Are you sick?

Physically, mentally or emotionally?

Get A L O N E, Be S T I L L, seek Christ within. L I S T E N and do Not doubT what you hear! Christ has Risen within YOU! You can doubt it, or fail to seek Him, but you can never change that He Is within you now!! Quiet your mind….listen…..

Christ Lives ♥ this is what Jesus is telling You if You will L I S T E N. King James was a foolish worldly King. However foolish he was, his version still controls the world in a way Hitler only dreamed about.

If you believe anything without knowing it is the truth, you are accepting a brain wash technique that is causing you not to know Your Heavenly Father!”

Why would I bull shit you???

If you PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7, for one day, you will know Jesus did not die on the cross and Christ is Risen within You!

This ain’t church.

Fear is never reverent and Love always Is!

enough for today . . . ♥


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