~FORGIVENESS, and why it is the most prominent teaching lesson that Jesus taught, after His announcement that The Kingdom of God is within You~

Forgiveness is a thing that you do ‘within’ your being and the effects of Forgiveness are seen ‘without.’ Forgiveness, properly understood, will bring into Vision everything you want, ‘out-here.’

You are not yet aware that your ‘out-here’, is a direct correlation to your mental state of mind ‘within.’ Your miraculous state of mind is Caused by seeing with the eyes of God. Your eyes see what the mind believes it will see. This is why everyone sees something a little different even when looking at the same thing.

When you FORGIVE someone or something you are allowing for correction of your perception and seeing the way God intended for you to See. Thus, does the Kingdom of God appear more viable Now and not after death.

Your judgments have caused you to believe that God is merciless, and the maker of a hell-fire after a death. Your Forgiving mind will “make an adjustment” so you will understand the impossibility of such an insane insinuation of your Loving Father, and the Holy Spirit will bring your fearful mind back inline with the loving mind of your Father.

As your mind is aligned with your Father, thru the Helper, “Jesus left”, called the Holy Spirit, you will see that All Forgiveness is self Forgiveness. Your Judgment of God’s creation did not allow you to see the perfection that is “within and among” you Now!

And this Vision is BADASS!! (ty J.C. ♥ )

Your Judgment brought about by your false beliefs about God has the mind believing insane concepts about your, our Heavenly Father. Forgiveness will bring sanity back “into View”, if you will.

Therefore, FORGIVE 70X7, Forgiveness gives sight to the blind.

Look at it this way, the Holy Spirit, through your eyes, Sees the Kingdom of God Now, you, are not aware this Kingdom exists (Luke 17:20-21) because your mind is in Judgment and UN-Forgiveness due to the fear of God! Fear is not real. So ask the Holy Spirit “within you” to show you the Kingdom God gave you at creation, by allowing your mind to FORGIVE what you “think you see.”

Remember: The “mind sees” not the eyes, the eyes see what the mind believes is there to see.

Look at it this way: What you see on your PC monitor is what has been programmed into your hard drive, not the other way around. If you have a “virus” in your PC’s hard drive, your screen will not show you the true program, got it.

Does this help?

More to follow. . . ♥

Be Still and know that God dwells within You ♥


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