~It is not the end of the journey which teaches, but the journey itself~


~It is not the end of the journey which teaches, but the journey itself~
(x-cuse the tyypO’s)

When you find inner peace nothing seems difficult. You have surrendered to the power of Love or God because you have come to a personal revelation or a Self-Realization that God is Love and Only Loving. God would never make a hell-fire for a “body” after “it dies”, this is now seen as Insane to the mind in Love with God in Christ.

“Dorothy must learn the rules of Oz” or “Neo must come to grips with the realities and unrealities of the Matrix.” It’s the same for you. You must realize your own truth. My truth is not your truth and our truth is Not true unless it is true for Everyone, beliefs DON’T Count.

Supernatural doesn’t have to mean magical. Super-natural is beyond the “natural TRAINED mind.” Supernatural simply means “above the laws of nature.”

When Jesus told His followers that “they Will do greater than He”, He was letting them Know that they were Not seeing everything that they would be able “to do.”

When you Know who you are, and you WILL know who you are when you PRACTICE the teachings of Jesus and Not believe insane, fearful stories about your Loving Father Whom is in Heaven waiting for your Happy return Now, your Eyes are opened!!

Jesus mastered the laws of the “outside world” and “came back” to bestow this wisdom upon YOU. He has given you the means to become “Saved”, “Self-Realized” or “Enlightened”, And Will Do and has done It For YOU!!!

Would you not Go through fear to find the True Love of Your Heavenly Father?

BeLiEvE nOtHiNg test the spirit within, Christ Is waiting to be Seen By YOU!! ♥


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