~You are so very safe, its your beliefs that bring fear to a Fearless Mind.~

~You are so very safe, its your beliefs that bring fear to a Fearless Mind.~

We will attempt to go beyond belief today, to knowing that God is Love and Only Love no matter what you’ve been taught or told to believe.

The mind is deceived by fear. Fear is the thoughts brought about by the devil, your fearful ego.

Today when you are disturbed by Anything, remind yourself that God the Father is protecting me, this “disturbance” is only a “thought of the devil” and so it is not real!

Tell yourself:
“God is Only Love and I am One with my Father Whom Created me in His image, I am SAFE.”

Then quiet your mind.
Be still.

Allow your Holy Spirit to take over, releasing your egotistical devil from tormenting you any-longer. You are so very SAFE and Beloved of God the Father! ♥

Your dream of sin and death which Jesus teaches ‘Us’ is not real, is almost over.

You were deceived Beloved, only deceived…. do not be ashamed by the deception, you had no idea until now that God does not allow death to come upon the which He Created as Eternal Life, and as Eternal Love.

God wanted to Share His Love and so you were Created, Only YOU! God has only One Idea of Itself and that is YOU!! ♥

You see what you “BELIEVE” and you “BELIEVE” it because you see it. This does not make it real it only makes it appear real to a mind in fear. You were Created fearless by The Fearless.

You are not at the mercy of what you see!! This is the grand illusion, brought on by the duality or P A R A D O X caused by thinking you are separate from what you see.

Nothing is separate from anything else.

Quiet your mind, Be Still, and Look around without any-thoughts of your own. Begin to see the Marvelous Created state that Jesus Christ called The Kingdom of Heaven within.

The Stillness you create by quieting your mind, will allow the Holy Spirit to “change what you see.” This is the Miracle of Salvation brought on by the Atonement.

You are now learning to Be and trust God like never be-for. Faith is the Love in God. God would and WILL Never allow anything to happen to you.

YOU ♥ Beloved of God Are Everything! And you are Safely in the Heaven you never left, except in your mind.

Enough for today ? . . . ♥


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