‘YES-Terd-Ay’ was your story. Tomorrow is a ‘MY-stery’

Clarity comes of reason and reason comes from truth. The Truth sets you free. Belief keeps you trapped in the yesterdays and tomorrows.

You have a “Story” but it aint true.  It’s made up by your ego, the devil.

Your story is a concept built out of a construct based on fear and death. Fear and death only appear to be reality. You can only receive what you are willing to accept.  If you do not accept Eternal Life as a viable option, then death, sin and an angry God seem plausible to you. Not true only plausible.

You must understand the teachings of Jesus before you can apply them to your current existence. Jesus Christ Did Not teach what King James implies in his version. I know this is not the good news that you wanted to hear and you will at first blush think that what I am saying is not the truth.  That I am Anti-Christian. I am anti-fear, I am Pro-Love.

I was just as bewildered as you may be right now when I had to let go of long-held family religious beliefs. It is scary and the fear results in anger at first.

This is why in the book of Thomas that was not one of the canonical gospels used by King James, Jesus Christ tells His followers, as the Truth dawns on you, “At first you will be disturbed then you will Marvel, then you will Reign and Rule, then Rest.” 

Enough for today. . .



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