James 1: 22-25 “Just Do IT!”

James 1: 22-25 “Just Do IT!”

Pray that the Lord will give you certainty in the unknown. Certainty in the unknown is Grace. The Faith required to live in the “Grace of God” is the size of a mustard seed.

You are only required a little faith to See Heaven. This is because all your faith was in seeing hell. You were mis-taken. Your faith was in sin, fear and death. Now your faith is in Abundance, Love and Life! The change of mind (being Born Again) requires your eternal patience and constant vigilance of your-self defeating thoughts and un-forgiveness. 

“Think about what you want and not what you don’t want!”

Abundance, Love and Life come through as you PRACTICE the truth of Christ. You will See what you believe and it is given to you to change your mind about what you believe. Set your earthly sights on Heaven and All of Heaven sets Its sights on you.

“You are turning back to home!”

The transition is not easy at first only because you do not trust God’s Holy Spirit to not let you fall. You will be happier with less thought. Less planning and less thinking creates a false sense of fear in you, since you were taught to plan everything, everyday and not to rely on God for your provisions.
  When you realize that all you ever had was Now, and it’s always Now, you learn to See that God always has your Now taken care of.
Your Now is Always OK!

It’s your future fear that causes you all your needless pain and suffering. We can learn to stay in the Now by PRACTICING what Jesus teaches.

 “Giving No thought about future events to come”, is a Practice in following God.  The devil (your ego) will Not let you do this out of fear, your Holy Spirit is doing this out of Love~!  Jesus tells you to seek the Kingdom of God within you first, and then All things will be added unto you!

Now as a true follower of Christ, you are asked to go within, (Luke 20:17) and allow Christ via your Holy Spirit to show you your true purpose, ALL THINGS ARE NOW BEING ADDED UNTO YOU!!

The Love within you will bring everything you are in need of for the journey back home.

Relax, BREATHE and Your Father will take care of everything else.

Enough for today . . .


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