~ *Forgiveness *Non-Judgment *Give no thought for tomorrow ~

~ *Forgiveness *Non-Judgment *Give no thought for tomorrow ~

If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, yield to judgment or make plans for uncertainties to come, you have again put your trust in yourself and not in Christ. Christ is within you, waiting to be Known to You! 

Give over every plan you have made for your Salvation in exchange for God’s plan. Salvation is the complete undoing of false-beliefs. Some false beliefs are that death is real and that money can bring you eternal happiness. 

What is Salvation from the world or what is being “Saved”? Lets look at what it is not. It is not an after death saving, and this we Know from the Words of Jesus when He tells you; “The Kingdom of God is Now, and you will not partake of death if you PRACTICE my teachings.”

So, we are not saved from something after death. It does not save you from a hell or a “lake of fire” after death. The lake of fire is after death. It is important to understand at this point that the lake of fire did not first raise it’s ugly frightening head in the bibles book of revelation, No. The lake of fire was first used to control the minds of the masses in ancient Egypt around 1500 BC! This must be understood so you can allow the Holy Spirit to Guide you past this fearful, diabolical, False-Belief!! 

Review, If the “Kingdom of God” is now, then the lake of fire has to be seen as Insane, before you can move forward into The Kingdom that Jesus tells us about. False, fearful beliefs hold the mind in fear and a mind in fear is the opposite of a mind in love. 

This fearful “lake of fire” tactic was used by King James in his version of Christianity! Remember the bigger or larger the lie the more apt the people are to “believe” it. If Anything causes you fear IT IS NOT OF YOUR LOVING GOD!! All fear is a lie.

Understand when you have allowed the Holy Spirit to eliminate all fear from your mind you will See the Kingdom of God Jesus teaches you about, however, not until then.
It is not your job to eliminate this fear, you caused the need for the Holy Spirit so let the Holy Spirit do what the Holy Spirit was Created to do for you, you will then Know the True from the false.

You cannot See the Risen Christ if you ‘believe’ He is DEAD! Belief is the most powerful tool in your Creation.

Knowing is = to belief. If your beliefs are false, you will not Know!

“ask, Believe and receive!” Jesus 2000 years ago

Ask yourself:
How did you come to your current beliefs?
Why do you believe what you believe? and,
How do you Know what you are believing is the Truth?

These questions Must be answered before you will understand; 

“The Peace that surpasses All your understanding”

Peace comes to a Quiet mind in search of the Father!

Got The Father?

Enough for today. . . ♥


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