relax “no man Knows the time”

Think of a wild horse as your ego. Now think of the Teachings of Jesus as the Horse Whisperer. When Judgmental and UN-Forgiving thoughts come as they will in the beginning, think of them as your horse bucking and thrashing. As you allow for Christ to Whisper, via your Holy Spirit to you, the wild thoughts are calmed. This will go on for some time until, “no man Knows the time”, a dawning of pure bliss and joy rests on you. You will experience the Oneness of Creation. This is the time, using this analogy you are released into the Promised Land of Heaven Itself!

Leave the cares of this world to Christ. His burden (message) is easy. He asks that you be “in the world and not of it.” This world is not your home. There is ‘Another’ just beyond fear waiting for you!

Many have asked me, and continue to ask, David do you not believe in the Holy Bible any-longer?

Here is the answer: As I Practiced the Teachings of Jesus, *Forgiveness, *Non-Judgment, and *Giving no thought for tomorrow, I became Aware of a World beyond this one and right here as well, a place Jesus described as Heavenly. This allowed me to “be in the world and not of it.” Scripture is then Known to be True or false. Beliefs were formed because I did not Know. I could never have Known without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit Guides you past all the “fear” you read, into the Truth. There is No Truth in Fear!! Fear is the opposite of Love. God is love and He did not Create a world; He came to “steal, kill and destroy.” That is an Insane god. The devil comes to “steal, kill and destroy”, not God the Father.

I “believe” in nothing any-longer. I either Know or I do not. Fear is a direct result of All beliefs.

“When you KNOW that the Kingdom of God is Now, and death is a lie of the devil, you no longer ‘believe’ in a hell after a death!”

Hell is an Insane Judgment against God the Father. When Jesus speaks of hell with weeping and gnashing of teeth, He is speaking of this world, not the World Created for you by God!

The confusion comes from your personal beliefs about the book of Revelation and confusing them with the teachings of Christ-Jesus!
Jesus Knew there was No “lake of Fire!” This came from an Egyptian myth perpetrated on the people some 1500 years before Christ.

The bible and all “holy books” are only as helpful as the reader will allow them to be. Reading from a “fearful” consciousness, where God the Father allows One of His Sons to suffer and die on a cross for the rest is Insanity!!
King James HAD a Problem with PRACTICING Followers of Jesus! But to See the Insanity and the wickedness perpetrated by King James, One must PRACTICE the Teachings of Jesus!

“Seek and you will find!” Jesus, my Brothers and Sisters Does not deceive YOU! You will See the Risen Christ!! To See, all fear has to be eliminated by Knowing. The Father did not invent or create fear, you did! You have all power in Heaven and earth residing within you now in the form of Christ!

Fear-Not!! Fear Nothing!!

Fear is direct control over the minds of the Sons and Daughters of God!! God sends His messengers, we Judge, then kill them! WE! Stop the Insanity of Judgment and UN-Forgiveness.

All sickness and death begin with, yes you guessed it, FEAR!

If this helps at all LIKE IT!! LOL

Be Faithful to God the Father and not a holy book! Understand fear, feel fear, experience fear and then Know God did not Create that Feeling, the devil did!



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