Dear Father, ♥

Dear Father, ♥

As I enter my 50th year here, I am able to See that all of my pain has been self-inflicted. I am able to see now that the mind makes the body sick and not the other way around. I am remembering that I am the Light of my World, and that Forgiveness with Non-Judgment allow me to see this.

Please tell Jesus Hello from me and let Dr. King know that I will be home soon! I am writing t…o tell you that not many among us practice the teachings of Jesus. They are so confused that they have thousands of different religions that require belief instead of Knowledge. I was taught belief as soon as I arrived here. Most every-One here understands that this is not their home, and they have become depressed and are finding ways to escape rather than Wake-Up. Dad this place is insane. No One really understands the power of belief you gave ‘Us’ at Creation.

As I began to remember You as a result of my intense suffering, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of my true purpose here. The devil, which has been referred to here as the ego, kept me in fear and I was unable to hear the Comforter that You sent along with me on my journey back to You!

I am teaching others that they are the Light unto their worlds through the power of Christ, like Jesus taught.
Dad they taught me, and had me believing that Christ was DEAD!! Yes, they had me believing this because of a book they call the bible that an egotistical King provided to control the population of the true followers of Christ! There is truth in this book; However, no One really practices Forgiveness so they do not Know Truth from fiction. They just believe what they are told and told what to believe!

Here is one of the most insane beliefs your Created Children have Father, they believe that You allowed our Brother Jesus to suffer and die so that we would not suffer and die, and get this, “After Death!” Yes, they “believe” Evey-One has to Die!! I know, I know Jesus did not teach this but since so many do not follow the teachings of the “Risen Christ” they are UN-Aware of their True nature of reality!

If they only Knew You Dad! The few that do remember You, like Jesus, Dr. King and Gandhi, they Kill! I don’t know how much longer I can stay here. I will continue to teach Non-Judgment like Brother Martin, Forgiveness like Brother Gandhi and “giving no thought for tomorrow” like my Elder Brother, Teacher and Master Jesus! Very few are willing to quiet their minds long enough to listen for You Father. They are so fearful and judgmental that when the truth is presented to them, rather than seek for the Knowledge within, they go back to that book I referred to earlier in this letter that they call “The Holy Bible!”

It distorts the truth by making every-One believe everything in it, fearful or not. It makes you look like some kind of monster at times, Father, and I am saddened by this. Jesus told them to “give no thought for tomorrow” and in the back of this book, a poor fearful soul they call John who never Knew Your Son Jesus talks about a “lake of fire” that has been myth for centuries here, this lake of fire was used to control the masses, by fear, in ancient Egypt around 1500 BC! There is another fellow they call Paul, they even call him an Apostle of Christ, he never Knew Your Son Jesus either! He tells Your Children to “mind their masters” and has many other insane commandments that have Absolutely Nothing to do with Your Created Heaven!

Father, I have stepped back and allowed Christ to lead the way, and this has brought me Much Joy!♥

Thank You, Love Your Son,

Enough for today. . .


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