ADDICTION is the same as FEAR.

ADDICTION is the same as FEAR.

If I was to say, “I am an addict”, and believe this, it’s the same as saying, “I am afraid.”

If I say, “Hello, I am David and I am an alcoholic”, it’s the same as saying, “Hello, I am David and alcohol takes away my fear.”

It does not matter the “addiction”, it’s all based in fear, conscious or unconscious fear. An example of unconscious fear that results in self abuse could be when you were a young child, you did not know if your parents were going to be happy or act insanely. So as an adult when everything is going Great in your life now, you are just waiting for the chips to fall. This causes unconscious fear, and drugs (legal or illegal), pornography, gambling, religion, alcohol, work, or even sports, takes your mind “away”, but only temporarily.

Conscious fear that is the cause of self abuse could be, bills, a failing relationship, job loss, the economy, a death, and a host of other fearful triggers.

“Addiction is self-abuse and self-abuse is Fear”

Remember whatever you say, “I AM” to, you will eventually become. If you go beyond your fear, and say, “I am not an alcoholic”, you will become a non-drinker. If you say, ” I am not afraid/an addict”, and you understand why you were afraid/or addicted, you will no longer be that. An addict is a fearful Brother or Sister who does not know why.

Fear is the cause of all insanity in your world. Moses told the Pharaoh, “The Great I AM sent me.” Moses new the power of the, “I AM!”
The cause of all fear/addiction can be Cured by going within and seeking the Christ within You! You have the power to change anything, anytime you want!

Your mind operates in Love or fear. To stop the fearful thoughts that cause insane behavior you must be willing to PRACTICE the teachings of Jesus. This PRACTICING will bring you past your fear/addiction!

*Non-Judgment of others, past present and future!

*Forgiveness of others, past, present or future! and,

*giving No thought for tomorrow!

Psst…..hey, all your suffering, ALL OF IT, is Self-induced fear. STOP trying to control tomorrow, you can’t control this moment….why……………………..God Is!

You are Not alone in this……………..Christ is within you, but unknown to You as yet……your Holy Spirit will Guide you as you allow. Surrender your fearful thoughts when you first recognize them.

O’ yea, and God made it so eventually you would depend on Love and not fear, the Only choice or “free-will” you have is When!

“Meditate on what you want, not what you don’t want…..then your suffering will end”

You are One with everything you see, Forgive It, to See IT!!

Enough for today. . . ♥


One Response to “ADDICTION is the same as FEAR.”

  1. david1963 Says:

    No one has ever been an addict of anything. They have used “addiction” to ‘try and’ “Eliminate fear.”

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