a belief is a conviction…………

“A belief is a convict-ion, A convict is a wrong doer, and a wrongdoer, is an UN-saved or UN-enlightened Son or Daughter of God.”

Salvation is Enlightenment. When you are “Saved or Enlightened” the world as you knew it is changed from one of fear and death to One of Love and Life.

I am teaching what Jesus taught and as He taught. Jesus Had no fear of His father nor should you. Fear blocks Knowledge, just as beliefs limit God.

Follow this experiment, it won’t hurt long, I promise:
If you are reading this and your belief is Muslim or Christian, Imagine BURNING Your Koran or your Bible.

How do you feel? FORGIVE me please ♥ , it’s only an “inner experiment.” Experience the feeling that you feel when your mind even thinks about burning YOUR Holy Book…….”THAT” my Brothers and Sisters is what “belief” does, it causes “fear and unconscious guilt”, and will do so until the body dies, or until you let go of belief! Knowing is the opposite of belief.
Your holy book is just as important as your lawnmower instructions when you Know how to “Mow the Lawn!”

“You shall Know the Truth and the Truth Will set You free!”

Further, if you believe that Jesus died on the cross. How could you ever See Him?, NOW!!
If Jesus is dead???, then you have to believe the next lie which is, A Heaven after Death??? In The Saviors own words, from Your holy book he states; “The Kingdom of God is Now!” and “If you will PRACTICE what I teach you, you will not DIE!” He goes further and tells you all suffering is from your “lower consciousness”, He called this lower consciousness the devil, “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy!”

Jesus did not teach from of book of beliefs. Jesus taught KNOWING through Experience!! You’ll will KNOW! And will believe nothing!!!

Beliefs limit God, they are a limit on what Christ can do for/through You. If you believe Jesus is dead, He’s in Heaven, and the only way to See Him is via Death, you are believing falsely. Jesus’ Own Words tell you that death is a LIE!! He did not overcome death for Himself, no, He overcame it for You and me!

The “catch” is, you must PRACTICE what Jesus taught, and not believe everything in ANY holy book, ordained by a King or not!! When Paul tells his followers, “Slaves mind your masters.” That is one of the most “telling lies” of King James’ version. God Created NO SLAVES, therefore there are NO SLAVES in Heaven!!

You are in Heaven, just UN-Aware of IT!!!!!

You will never understand the Enlightened Christ within you fully, until All fear is GONE, and GONE Completely with your beliefs left in the past!

This takes “time.” Time is different for everyOne ‘here.’ Some time, fly’s by, some time, it’s slow as molasses. Use your time to seek the Living Christ within. Jesus is the Risen Christ!

If you don’t Judge, Forgive and stop thinking about tomorrow, you are making the best use of “time.” Very few use time to seek God and Christ.
I know you must plan for the church bazaar or next project, it’s like this, “Before Salvation church project, After Salvation church project.” Born Again Consciousness……

Allow your Holy Spirit more access!! CONSCIOUSLY ask, “Holy Spirit are you with me?” When you are “SAVED” You KNOW Christ Now, and you are protected from death, by protected is meant, “It will never occur!” You see death because you believe Jesus is dead or somewhere you do not have access to Him.

If you ask a follower of the teachings of Christ to prove “IT”, Salvation, you are the same as the Pharisees when they asked, “Where is this Kingdom of God, when will it come.” They only way to Know is to Follow Christ! Your proof will come as you change your beliefs about Jesus dieing on the cross, your “belief” that He is dead and in Heaven, keeps you from Experiencing or Seeing the Risen Christ! If you don’t practice His teachings it’s not good or bad, it just is.

In closing, when you accepted Christ as your Savior, He began communication with you. You can’t hear if you don’t listen. We were never taught to listen, only to obey. We were told that if we believed, and we are good, that when we die, we will see Jesus in Heaven. Not So!!

Dismiss death, Heaven is Now, and Christ Has Risen!!

“For those who have eyes to See, will See”

Is it making Any sense at all to You, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Sheik, Bishop, Teacher, “Religious Rulers?”

Do You Love ♥ Your Enemies? They Love YOU!!
((You Can’t Know this Truth if you Judge 🙂 ))

(Mark 10: 26-27)

Enough for today. . . ♥


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