Experience vs belief……

I would love to take you on a short mental journey.

Imagine that you are in control of everything that happens in your life, that which you call good and that which you think is bad……………. now imagine that if you fear “God”, you can not Know this!

Every-One is You!

Please understand that I am attempting to explain an experience that many, myself included have had, without the use of dr…ugs or an ‘outside’ influence. Drugs numb the conscious state, and although fear may be eliminated for a time with the use of drugs, the blissful state of fearlessness does not continue. “Drug induced bliss” does not compare to the conscious state of Heaven, Jesus helps you attain!

Time has you believing in a beginning and an ending of everything. This is not true in eternity. Eternity ends the need for time, thus past and future are gone, replaced by the everlasting Now, that Jesus taught as Heaven! This is a direct result of fearlessness. Eternity takes the consciousness beyond past and future to the Created Oneness of existence.

You teach your world, and you teach your world all the time. If what you believe is fearful and wrong then your world will appear fearful and chaotic, because You taught it fear and chaos. You my Brother and Lil’ Sister are unaware of this creative power given to you at creation, because you exchanged it for fear. You give away your power with the “belief” in anything fearful.

Please note: King James was at a point in time where followers of Christ ruled the world! The deception of King James was not even known to him when he took a, “if ya can’t beat um join um attitude” with his version of “Christianity.” And made every-One submit to “his version” or be killed!!

Followers of Christ are akin to anarchists, in that following a worldly political structure you are unable to experience a mind free of fear. Therefore, world leaders and world policies, do not affect the follower of Christ and “their way of thinking.”

To attain Christ consciousness or to experience the “Second Coming of Christ”, One must See that All fear is entirely a self-induced illusion! In other words, You will Know God is ONLY Love and never fear. “This Truth will set you free!”

What “other” reason is there for this life than to experience the Second Coming of Christ? Honestly, you who call your self “Christians” and anyone else reading this; WHAT Other reason could this experience (life) possibly be useful for Except to RECEIVE CHRIST??

Christ wants you to Know you are Everything to GOD! Christ wants you to Know that you are everything you see and not just a pile of ashes that will one day be gone…….

As you explore quantum physics, an “out-there’ science, it will begin to prove the “in-here” science that Jesus taught us to find. Jesus taught the science of pure manifestation! He taught that you have control over Everything, health, relationships, money, even the weather; Everything!; when you submit to God’s Loving plan of Oneness through FORGIVENESS, and not the devil’s plan of judgment and UN-forgiveness you will SEE HEAVEN!

If you Knew that ALL your problems are of your own making, would you change your long-held beliefs; and
Would you not go through fear to find the Love of God?

Know Christ? ♥

I’d Love to speak at “Your” Church…………….. 🙂


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