* did God create us to be destined as worm food *

~What Jesus taught and is chronicled in the New Testament of the Bible very few people understand. They just read what He said and quote it; and because it is written in the biblical Scripture, and ordained by King James they believe it blindly, with little effort to realize the wisdom therein through personal experience.
As people distort what Jesus taught to fit their purpose by intellectual analysis alone however well-intentioned, they miss the Enlightened wisdom behind the teachings of the greatest man who ever lived. The teachings of Jesus have to be understood by communing with Christ, NOW!, not through fear and by personal rationalization.~

Why do I believe what I believe……………….I am not intending to ask you this question, but that you ask this question of yourself. Be not content with another “belief” my Brother. Set your intentions on Knowing the Truth that will set you free!

You are here to do Great Works…..Remember the Followers of the Teachings of Jesus and what they accomplished during their life times, (try do not judge these names 🙂 ). Dr. King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mohammad Ali, John Lennon, Oprah, just to name a few……

I AM coming to the end of my time on Facebook. Many of you, “my Friends”, have sent me messages of encouragement and I am grateful to your understanding. I have offered to you an intuitive explanation of the teachings of Christ. I understand the fear you have of letting go of long-held generational family beliefs as it relates to the bible.

You who are afraid of God and still believe God killed Jesus, will someday overcome this false-fear and your false-beliefs, through the realization of the teachings of Christ-Jesus. This will only happen when you are ready. You will be ready when you see this life as a dead-end road, no matter how long you travel on it, death will always await you at its end. As you now believe, EveryOne you love, including yourself will someday die. This need not be my Brother!

Jesus did not teach to foster doctrinal divisions, His teachings now misunderstood, have come to beliefs and not Understandings. It does not matter what you call yourself, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, Evangelical Christian, J.W., Hindi, Baptist, Lutheran, 7th Day Adventist, and a host of other “BELIEFS” brought on by dogmatic teachers who read the bible and other holy scripture hoping for your believing mind, again, however well-intentioned they may be, if they do not Know the Truth and they are only believing something without its understanding. It’s “The blind continuing to lead the blind”, 2000 years After the Resurrection of Christ!

It has always been my intention to pass along the good news through explanation by Revelation. You too will have personal revelation if you seek the Truth and not just believe the writings of men. You seek by practicing the Teachings of Christ Jesus……………

He Never Taught Death!! No matter what you were told to believe. ” I have Come so that You may Have LIFE and LIFE more abundantly!”

He Never taught an after death Hell!! No matter what you were told to believe. “The Kingdom of God is NOW!!”

He Never taught BELIEF!! No matter what you were told to believe. “You will Know the Truth…”

Fear Not God any-longer my Brother. Death is not your friend, and this life is not overcome by death, but it is overcome by the “Light of the world within You.” God Created Nothing that dies!! You can KNOW this Truth!

*Forgive EVERYONE!! 7×70

*Judge NO-One Ever!!

*Give No thought for Tomorrow!! (practice this until you realize its significance my Beloved)

♥ Love will turn you around. ♥ Love is of God. ♥ God IS Love!



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