*Jesus, the Example of a Kingdom Ruler

*Jesus, the Example of a Kingdom Ruler

A Ruler is One who sets the example. He shows us in the Good Samaritan story an example of what a good ruler looks like… (Luke 10: 25-37)
He is using the religious people as the example of what not to follow. The religious people in the example are the Ones who do not understand how the kingdom functions. “You will reap what you sow.” The good Samaritan understood that what He gives He receives. The kingdom of God has good Samaritans and religious people among it. The Only difference between the two is, the good Samaritans recognize the kingdom of God and the religious do not.

Religious leaders who have not yet experienced what, “Giving No thought for tomorrow” does in the kingdom of God, see no reason to help a homeless man for example, because it is not yet understood that, ” there for the Grace of God go I.” You are the homeless man outside the kingdom, the grace of God is on you, you are not Aware of it because you are not giving this grace away. You judge the homeless man, as homeless, not understanding the Oneness of the kingdom. I am better, safer, not lost like He is, “thank God”, is the judgment of the religious.

God has made it impossible for anyOne to hurt you, and ‘He’ has “only allowed you to believe” that you can suffer. In the illusion-nary world, made up of thoughts of fear where God killed His own Son, you feel guilty by belief and nothing else! You made yourself scared by believing God is insane enough to Create something that could turn on Itself. Fear induces unconscious guilt due to lack of Knowledge about the Kingdom of God. You blame God without Knowing it.

If you are to end your suffering you must See the insanity of believing a religious doctrine that induces guilt, and a belief in fear. Get past all this, simply by practicing the teachings of Christ Jesus. Become the Good Samaritan instead of the religious ruler. It’s Your Kingdom my Beloved!

Jesus is a radical teacher, He does not teach reincarnation for example because He understands the ego or devil would have you wanting to know about past lives and not concentrate on “the business at hand.” You must allow yourself to go past All “fearful beliefs” to understand the Consciousness that He is leading you towards.

Everything is Consciousness, consciousness is in the manifested and the UN-manifested. If you are afraid of something, anything, realize God did not make fear, so fear is Not Real!!

* Forgive It
* Don’t judge It
* And don’t think about It, if It is about tomorrow……

You must understand that the teachings of Jesus are as Radical now as they were 2000 years ago. They only seem radical until you practice them, and then “All Heaven Breaks Loose!!”

Practice, You have a Helper Within!

Be the Jesus Example in Your Samaria!!

♥ Love the UN-loveable , ♥ Forgive the UN-Forgivable, ♥ do not judge the UN-judge-able, ♥ there is No tomorrow in The Kingdom of Heaven,(let that go too)!!

You Can not Be Judged my Beloved!!

I AM Fearlessly One with You!!


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