hello….is there anybody in there……..


Thank ‘God’ for Facebook! God? Well, OK, thank God for the Bible! God? The Koran! God? Hell! God? It’s man, you silly willies! Man made Facebook, the Bible, hell and the Koran. Man, Not God! Do you believe me??? That pesky word again, yes! BELIEF….It’ll get ya every time if you let it………..

Let go of Everything you ever believed today. Don’t be scared. God did not make anything bad, Man Did!! Yes, LOL Man!!

C’mon Man! We been fed a load of beliefs! OK, I am not trying to scare you but….answer this…..who wrote the first book of your holey book? If it’s the Koran your “Adam and Eve” book is “Essence” and if it’s the Bible your “Adam and Eve” book is “Genesis” who wrote it? And why?

………………………drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Why is everything so scary and Jesus (bible) or St. Isa (koran) tells you, “Fear Not!” Why are You afraid of God………BELIEFS! You Believe! You are a BELIEVER!! You were SCARED into Believing a Lotta’ lies with some truth mixed in. You are becoming more and more aware of the Truth.

What would happen to “Your World” if Jesus was telling the Truth and your “book” was not. I understand the fear you feel! Jesus went through it TOO!

Think about this: No Hell (ever)! HEAVEN NOW!! I know to Your ‘believing’ mind this sounds like the height of Insanity! I also Know to Your Forgiving Mind it means you come home to Sanity! Beliefs cause you to fear. Forgiveness causes you to SEE!

Church, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue is one big belief. What is Truth, how can you ever Know Truth when your beliefs, which cause you to judge others and their beliefs, get in the way of KNOWING! He never said; “You will believe the truth and it will set you free.” NO!!, He said; “YOU WILL KNOW……….”

There are No accidents in a Divine Creation! You are given every opportunity to “wake” from your fearful beliefs. Jesus Did Not, and Could Not Die!!!! OK where is HE, if St. Isa ain’t dead, show me Him! You can not See Heaven when false-beliefs are in the way of your Vision!

If I asked you, do you believe you love your mom? You would say David, that’s silly, I Know I love my mom. Children? I Know that too. Do you believe in electricity, gravity……..You don’t form beliefs when you Know, and You Will NEVER Know as Long as You Believe Untruths!

Jesus Knew the “Adam and Eve” story had a buncha’ holes in it. He did not “believe” in the Torah, NEVER! He was killed because He told them it was crap!! He used verses to throw their book back at um’. Kinda like I did when I asked you, Why are you scared of hell when the kingdom of Heaven is Now. Or if you call yourself a “Christian” why do you not practice the teachings of Christ??? Like, *Forgiveness, *Non-Judgment and this pesky little verse that always stumps The DEVIL in Ya………**”GIVE NO THOUGHT FOR TOMORROW!”

I Am not Judging YOU! I AM You! I was a “BELIEVER” too!! When the Grace of Christ dawns on a mind willing to let go of All fear, All beliefs are set aside in their place, the Knowing of Christ is Restored! Christ is the Knower within, contact this Higher Consciousness. Jesus called this Knower, His “Father.”

Got Church?

Nicodemus where art thou?

“When the iceberg of belief has melted away, you will See in its place, the infinite, Sea of Knowledge!”

Enough for today. . .


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