Got Salvation?

Greetings fellow Seekers!
You can only wake if you realize that you are asleep. A-sleep is to not be aware of the kingdom of Heaven that is in your midst. Forgiveness allows your mind to accept and enter into a state of grace. In grace you see that this world is not thrust upon you, but You are “making it up.” Forgiveness will let You See…………

Guilt is unconscious Self attack. Guilt is a powerful weapon in the hands of the devil, your ego.

For Example: P.T.S.D. is unconscious guilt which is first expressed as anger then seen as fearful. Fear is anger turned on ourselves. As we do this we do not like how we feel, so we project our guilt on another or we hold it in and get sick.

To understand the teachings of Jesus a shift in your current consciousness must be allowed to occur, and you Must see guilt as an Insane Self Attack and let it go.

If you volunteered and went to a war zone, where your friend was killed saving your life, you may experience P.T.S.D.
If your house caught fire, and you got out safely but your children did not, you may experience P.T.S.D. Unable to undo what is done, the mind suffers but does not know why. If you knew why you would change it, Right?

If you were told by “God” that you were a horrible sinner deserving only of death, that God had a perfect Son that never did anything ‘wrong’, and to keep you from going to an eternal hell, ‘He’ was going to Kill His perfect Son in your place, and you “believed” this, you may experience P.T.S.D.

Understand! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is what causes Christians to say OK to war and killing. It is what causes Christians to never See the kingdom of Heaven that Jesus taught His followers to See. P.T.S.D. is what makes you think you will die someday!

GOD Is Not INSANE!! He did not Create the insanity of war, house-fires, or the Killing of one Son for the life of Another! I Know what “beliefs” do.

I was a “BELIEVER!”

Beliefs hold the mind of the insane, in Insanity! Sanity and freedom come to you, through FORGIVENESS, as a gift from a “Loving Father.”

As you “sleep zzzz” through Mass, Church or Temple this Sunday, believing in a God that You can Prove to your Self Does not Exist!! Remember one thing, Your Creator Loves You, and no matter what king James would have you ‘believe’,
Christ will not stop calling to you from within, until You my Brothers and Sisters acknowledge His Love for You!!

Jesus tells you to, “Fear-Not!”, So when king James or anyone teaches a form of fear, you immediately recognize, as a follower of Christ, that fear is always a “future event” and Jesus tells you to “give no thought for tomorrow”, because, “the kingdom of God is upon You; Now!!”

Got Jesus?

I would love to teach at your place of worship. . .
(619.715.4489… anytime)

Enough for today………


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