Believing is to fear, as Knowing is to Love!

You were not made to form beliefs about You. You were Created to Know about You! Beliefs limit your creative power by limiting the Source of the creative power.

If you “believe” for example that ‘God’ does not exist and call your self an Atheist you limit Yourself because you formed a belief. If you believe for example that God does exist and call yourself Muslim you limit Yourself because you formed a belief.

Beliefs limit You because you Do Not Know and therefore you form beliefs. “You never need believe anything because within you is the Knowledge to Know Everything”, if You want! If you do not want to Know, that’s OK too!

Understand that beliefs are a form of unconscious fear that you have rationalized to try to understand the world for which you live. You can never understand anything through beliefs, however you can Know everything through Knowledge. Knowledge is gained by understanding the relationship of Love to fear!

You can not Love what you fear no matter what you believe. Your beliefs are true to you because you believe them. This is why everyone does not believe the same things you do. Judgment causes the mind to form beliefs out of fear. How can you Know the truth if you only believe you have the truth??? You can not!

Truth is Known, not believed. Anyone who try’s to get you to believe anything does not Know their Source. This is why Jesus teaches you not to believe but to Know. He does this by guiding you past your beliefs, by eliminating fear, through Non-judgment and Forgiveness. He understands the mind of fear and how it forms beliefs to protect itself. You need no protection, no beliefs, no rules to live by. You are the protector, You are your Brothers and Sisters keeper! You are only unaware of the Oneness that is YOU!!

God does not intrust “His” kingdom to a believer. The kingdom can only be seen by Knowing it exists. You can only Know it exists by living with FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness allows you to See through the Eyes of Non-judgment, “Those who have the Eyes to See will See!” You can not See the kingdom if you believe in death. You can not See the kingdom if you believe your right and others are wrong. And You can not See the kingdom if you believe God killed Jesus!

Beliefs cause a perfectly created mind to become insane. Fear causes insanity even though God did not Create the insane! You are perfect!! You have never been left or forgotten by your Creative Source. Forgive and your fear-full beliefs will become past memories of days gone by………..You will become the “Co-Creator” of your world and you will experience the Oneness that follows Forgiveness. You will no longer judge others as wrong, insane, lost, evil or wicked. You will see them as you once saw YourSelf, “as-Only-A-believer.”

Go past belief with Me today! Come into the Knowledge that you need give no thought for tomorrow. Come into the Knowledge that God is Love and Only Loving. God has Never left you comfortless, only your beliefs about God have. Go past belief with Me today! Begin a short journey of Forgiveness and Non-judgment with Me, leaving past beliefs in the past, and “WE” will See each other as One!!

DREAMS are for those who are Awake! You are Lucidly Dreaming your Kingdom, you are just not Self-Aware!………..(yet ♥).

More to Follow. . .


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