You are Never upset for the reason You think You are.

You are Never upset for the reason “You think You are.” Understand, Anger is fear turned in, on yourself.  “God’s” reality is never frightening. 

You have invented a world where “your laws” have people having to work to live. Not only work, but doing something some even hate to do for 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, to “pay the bills.” You have made up sickness, to keep from doing what you do not want to do!, and when you get sick, you need medicine and a doctor to help you heal. You have even dreamed that someday, the date unknown to you, you will die.

I want you to look at the insanity that you have made of God’s Heaven! If you intend to Awaken, become Self-realized or have Salvation from this, the world you made, I will help You!

You must first understand, that which you refer to as God, has never hurt or allowed anyone to be hurt, not even You! You have to also understand, to awaken unto Heaven you must be WILLING to follow your, “Father, via the Holy Spirit” through seeming terror, past all the laws you made to forget God’s. The terror is Not Real only the “belief” in terror is!

For example, if the Holy Spirit directs you to quit your job, move to another city, or call on a long time “enemy” you must be WILLING to Forgive, and do it. The reward is simply: ‘You turn what you have made into the Kingdom of God.’

Understand and let this sink in deeply…….””You are unaware my Brothers and Sisters that The God that hangs the Sun and the Moon up, is the same God that wants you to realize the Heaven that Awaits You!””

There is no other reason for this existence; None! If you follow your current beliefs to the end, you are going to get sick, old and die.  What then was this life for you? nOtHiNg! Even if you are ‘remembered’ two generations past, So What??? EveryOne you know will die…….listen…..Please……The Only reason “to be here” is to find your Source, locate Your God.

Ask your Self, Who Am I? Why Am I here?……..If you will listen, you will be Guided by the Guide, God gave you as soon as “you thought” you could be separate. The problem comes because our ears have grown accustomed to hearing the ego, (Jesus called this part of our consciousness, “your devil”) and not the Holy Spirit. Ego’s seek bigger ego’s. This is why Christianity, practiced from the 18th century until now has produced very few “Finders of the Christ” within, but 1000’s of different sects. All “believing” they have the Truth, and they DO, EXCEPT for One thing……………….they don’t Know the Truth, they believe they have the truth, and beliefs cause judgment. This is not only egotistical it’s insane!

When you remember God, and you will! You will understand the insanity behind beliefs, and the control groups of people have on others as a result of what they believe, and then you will understand the insanity of placing your faith in a book, and not on God It Self!!

I took the same class you did! I understand the difficulty of changing thoughts midstream. Trust Christ when He teaches, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”………….He is telling You, You are judging You and not Knowing it’s You!!

When He say’s Forgive, you must Forgive. This is the only way of Seeing what you are Forgiving never was true. Understand, if anyone has ever done you wrong, or hurt or even killed a loved one, on accident or on purpose, FORGIVENESS, just a willingness to Forgive will allow you to See the Truth behind the event.

This life is temporary at best and a DREAM at most. It’s going to last, what 70-80′ years, before death takes you away…..Listen: I do understand what Christ is asking appears impossible, and to you or I it is. All you need is a Willingness to See Heaven and you will SEE!

Only Love expands-fear contracts. So, fear thoughts make you sick and the body dies. Love thoughts allow you to See that the body gets sick because the mind needs healing from fear. As you “go within” more and more often, you come away with more and more understanding. The mind is sick that thinks the body can get sick.

In closing, When we ‘get sick’ less is asked of us, and the sicker we become the less and less that is asked of us. Sickness is the fear of your world. It’s not the Truth, but when you believe something it becomes true to you even if it is Not the TRUTH! 

Heal Yourself  Sister, Heal yourself Brother!! Allow for the healing from fear to begin. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want with whomever you want; When you are Whole in your Mind!! Jesus was the Master of the Inner world and this also made Him Master of His outer world.


He did it, so you can do it, through Him!


“Dreamers, follow me to where you realize, It’s been You, doing it to You!!”

Enough for today. . .





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