“Happy Awakening”

The importance of True FORGIVENESS in experiencing this life, as human, in a body, can not be explained in words alone. As you Forgive you experience a world that is seen as a Happy Place.

“The belief that anger brings you something you really want and by justifying attack you are protecting yourself” is the reason You have not yet experienced, the “Kingdom of Heaven!”

Understand, judging ‘others’ as wrong or “lost” is UN-forgiveness, no matter what the current concept of your self is you now hold. A self-concept is just that, a concept of the self, formed by the self, and unaware of the true nature of reality!
So, you, your name, your job, your religion, your skin color, your body type and so on are all self concepts. You are unaware of this because of what you “believe.”

When you believe something, anything, you limit “God.” God does not believe anything! The God in you Knows everything! The Christ-consciousness, that Jesus taught His followers how to achieve, is this Know-er within you! This Know-er, “Christ”, Knows you can not die, and all your fears, based on false teachings, that induce false beliefs, keep you from experiencing HEAVEN!!

You cannot retain your current self-concept and See Heaven. The reason is simple: “You believe you are separate from others and from God. This false belief causes you to see others as different from you and therefore Judge them as different.”

No One you see is different, this is your judgment, due to a self-induced fear of God. It’s an unconscious fear that stems from the guilt, induced by the cross. To understand Jesus you Must become a guiltless learner and become Sacredly Selfish. You must become independent of the good and bad opinions of others.

You do not realize that the Know-er in you, is the same Know-er in the whore that you say is “lost”. You do not realize that the Know-er in you, is the same Know-er in the homeless, drug addict that you say is “lost”. And lastly, you do not yet realize that the Know-er in you, is the same Know-er in all those you judge as enemies. The Know-er is Your Authentic Self!!

The Know-er Knows, the whore, the homeless addict and You, are All unaware of this Know-er within!! When you come to a “point in time” (and you will), where you see your ego, the devil has brought you nothing but confusion, pain and unfulfilled dreams you will accept FORGIVENESS instead of Judgment as ‘your way’. The ego’s motto is always, “seek but Never find.”

“”When you judge God’s Heaven, you see your hell, When you Forgive your hell, You will See God’s Heaven”

DREAM, Dreaming is God’s way of allowing You to See, It’s All been for YOU!!

Enough for today. . .


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