“Happy Awakening”

“Merry Christmas” or “Happy Awakening!”
There is no future just like there was no past, here is a poem to remind you of just that very fact,

………I Am your Father, your Higher Consciousness you see, the crucifixion of Christ was only blamed on me,

I Am your Father and I do Love you, I never killed your Brother, this was never true…….,

Your Brother ‘Jeshua’ called Jesus, loves Me, and He loves you too, the devil does not remember this and that is nothing new,

King’s have authorized bibles to keep the Truth from you, however I Am your Father and this will never do,

FORGIVENESS is the only way, no matter what you’ve been told, seek Me, find Me, don’t wait until your old,

I Am here within you waiting to be found, just look within and you too will finally See Me Now!

Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection, this is the Boss, keep your eyes on the Resurrection, and not on the guilt of the cross,

Guilt will keep you fearful of the Father and of Me, Please my dear Brother, let go of the cross and you too will See,

Guilt is of the devil and never from Above, Free your mind at last by only thinking of Me in Love!

Heaven is not somewhere way up in the clouds, No, It’s Now and shouting this to you very Loud!,

Heaven is not a place or destination you see, It’s the free state of mind, Created for You and for Me,

Many come to tell you “Wake” to be free, but your ego continues to Judge, and say, “nope that’s not for me”,

Organized religions, which control minds stuck in the past, continue even today, O’ Lord how long will it last?

The Judgment in the churches, the blind will never See, God needs your Forgiveness to set these prisoners free!

Priests, Bishops and Pastors, teach, Yes Teach, but not what you believe, because when you teach from belief, and do not Know, you only do deceive!,

Knowing of Love comes from within, and not within a book, King James was never a fisher of men, do not bite that broken hook,

Did you ever stop to wonder, really wonder why, No Pastor teaches
like Jesus that you never really die?,

Christ-Jesus tells us Heaven is right here, Now!! but if you “believe” the book of Revelation you’ll never See It, nor how,

Future events prophesied are lies from the start, God made it that way to keep you kind, without a fearful Heart,

The only time there is and will ever be, is Right Now, so when someone teaches You of the future, he does not Know the True Lamb, from a common cow,

King James, King James you had us fooled with old Mr.Paul, but we now realize he was no Apostle, he was only Saul!

Ok, Ok , that is enough, this poem is over, and it put your ego, the devil, through a little test, Now it’s up to You my Brothers’ and Sisters’, to Go-Within and find, Yes Find, Your own, Christian Rest!!

“Happy Awakening” (Merry Christmas)


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