Abstract Thought is of “God”

Let today Be as it was intended to Be by the”Creator” of everything. Egotistical or fearful thinking takes away the Miracle of Life. The Miracle is given those who understand that they have no reason to fear anything, this includes food, shelter, clothing, sickness or death.

The Miracle is the Self-realization that you are in total control of your life, and outside influences are not outside at all. The outside is a direct result of the inner condition. Christ taught you to “go within”, and seek the Kingdom of God, for He was teaching you that the Kingdom is within you, seen first within and then recognized in the world that you are calling ‘out there.’

Total abstraction is the natural condition of the  mind. Preoccupation with thoughts are a result of fear. Planing for future events to come, is the fear that “God” will not take care of your needs. Understand at the outset, you have no needs that are not being supplied.

How do we See this Kingdom of Heaven that Christ tells us is here Now? FORGIVENESS is the Answer! Forgive, Forgive and then when you think you cannot do it again, Yes, Forgive so more! Forgiveness is the same as Knowledge is in Heaven. Remember we only form beliefs because we do not Know. When Knowledge dawns on a mind asleep, beliefs become as meaningless to you as fear. You will See in that instant that You are One with “your Father who is in Heaven.”

This experience can not be explained to a judgmental mind asleep in a world of UN-forgiveness; It can only be experienced by a mind that is willing to Forgive what it has been taught to believe. 

When you experience your Father who is in Heaven, you will understand everything as it was Created to be. The world you see is not the world Created by your Father, it is a projection of fear from within you as a result of not trusting God to provide for you with “His” abundance. Allow your world to be gently transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven that it is, simply by letting go of past fearful beliefs you hold about God.  God is life and not death, no matter what your blind teachers have taught You! They will remain blind until they allow God, and not the devil or Love and not fear to Guide them.

In closing, let All decisions stem from the foundation of Love and Forgiveness. Do not let the I am right you are wrong mind, to inter-fear into your abstract mind. Abstraction is letting Creation be as it is, without allowing fear to take away the joys of NOW!

“DREAMERS are Creators without plans”

Continue to allow FORGIVENESS, not guilt, to rule and reign in Your Kingdom and you will See it was Created All for You!

Enough for today. . .


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