Holy books 2012

Beliefs here are the same as Knowing is in Heaven. No ‘One’ in Heaven believes anything!

The Koran, Bible and Torah are holy books. All holy books require belief in them for them to be holy and have meaning to the reader. Without belief, they are just books written by men to influence other men to believe like the author believes.

That being said, holy books are not filled with “Good Times”, and all the good times are always in the future for the believer. If you believe what is in the holy book you will have a good time, someday, but not yet. If you do not believe a holy book you feel lost or that “God” will abandon you somehow, this is all apart of the illusion and control in these books.

Holy books, whether you believe in one or not, control the minds of men through fear. Your freedom is taken from you, not known to you, once you form a belief without Knowing the Truth. You believe simply because you do not Know. You are teaching and believing what you do not Know to ‘others’ and this is what Jesus is referring to when He is quoted as saying, “the blind continue to lead the blind” and where they go they do not Know!

Jesus tells you the “Kingdom of Heaven is Now.” Yet to see this kingdom Jesus refers to, your thoughts need careful watching; If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, (unforgiveness), yield to judgement or make plans against uncertainties to come, you have again used the ego and not your holy spirit.

Fear nothing!

You only fear the future because you believe from your holy book that the future for some will be bad. What you do not KNOW and do not understand is the “some” is You! You feel guilty for a judgement you thought you placed on another, when in all Truth you placed it on yourSelf; without Knowledge of the Kingdom you can not Know the Oneness God created You with.

What You do to others is done to YOU!!

When you do not understand the true nature of reality you suffer and then wonder why, you even blame God, after all, He did allow Jesus to be murdered for your safety, right??? The kingdom of Heaven is now not matter what you believe. The judgements you have are based on your belief in your ‘chosen’ holy book.  Born in America you chose the Bible, born in Israel you chose the Torah and if you were born in Iraq you chose the Koran…..or did you? Perhaps it was chosen for you.

I understand the fear of letting go of long-held beliefs. However, if you will seek the holy spirit within you, you will be guided gently past all former beliefs. Remember there are no “Christian’s or Muslim’s” in Heaven. There are no holy books in Heaven and there is no right or wrong in Heaven, and the best part of it ALL is, HEAVEN IS NOW!!

When you realize through Forgiveness that you are only hurting yourself with your beliefs, you will allow them to be taken via surrendering to your Holy Spirit.

“A follower of the teachings of Christ is not a Christian, a Christian is a follower of the teachings of Christ”

If you practice non-judgment, Forgiveness and giving no thought for future events to come, you are a follower of the teachings of Christ. If not, you are a believer in a holy book that will keep you chained to this world never to See the kingdom God created for You!

In closing, release judgment and you release the heavy burden you have placed on your life. Organized religions no matter what book they use, or what sect they call themselves, were established to control the minds of men using an unconsciousness fear, called Guilt! God cannot be loving if He allows His messengers, prophets or “His Son”s to suffer and then die. This is not love but insanity, and control based on fear. Let the Holy Spirit Guide you past your insane beliefs to the Truth and Knowledge that will “set you free.”

God would be cruel indeed if He Hid the secret to Salvation from this world in a book! He knows some can not read, He knows some are blind and He knows some are very young. All understanding, all knowledge, Everything you need to KNOW to See the Kingdom of God is within You Now, just waiting to be discovered by the sane, non fearing part of your mind that Jesus calls, your Holy Spirit!!

“DREAM of Love, Love to DREAM”

“DREAM of a Loving, Forgiving, non-judgmental God, and you will See All Your DREAMS come True!!


Enough for today. . .




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