Good 12.21.12 to You! Today we will experiment with your feelings, emotions and your thoughts. This experiment will allow you to experience what Jesus experienced at a much lower level of course, during the judgment, prior to His killing.

Let the experiment begin: “I am advocating a day in which we will burn all of our holy books. If you are a Christian you bring your bible. If you are a Musli…m you bring your Koran, if you are Jewish, bring your Torah, and so on. This will be a time of celebration and we will be celebrating the release of our fears and false beliefs due to these books.”

It will be held at South Mission beach during the month of January in 2013, at a fire pit which is at that location.

“We who will be burning our holy books understand that they are only to control the minds of the readers and thus induce a false control over their thoughts and feelings, until they die. We have accepted the teachings of Christ and understand death is a belief formed out of a lack of Knowledge and Love of God. We Knew that if we kept reading this false information we could never See the Kingdom of God; we Know that you cannot Love that which you are afraid of, and we are no longer afraid of God.”

 Experience your feelings right now after reading that. If you are angry, it is because you are afraid, and if you are fearful it is because you have judged what you have read as wrong. The feelings you are feeling is what Jesus tells you you need to rid yourself of before you can See the “Kingdom of Heaven”, and not after you die, but NOW!

Understand!, thoughts create feelings and feeling create emotions, if we like these emotions we call them good, if we do not like the way these emotions make us feel we call them bad.

We are led around by our emotions and are not even aware of it. In Heaven there is no good or bad because there is No Judgment! If you Forgive what you read you will still love me for what I am teaching you. If you Judge me, then you, like the Sadducees’, miss the point in Forgiveness.

FORGIVENESS gives sight to the blind. And Non-Judgment allows them to throw away everything that caused them fear before!

More to follow. . .


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