Thank YOU!

Thank you for allowing me to come into your world today. Try not to judge this day and you will see everyone has always been with you in some strange magic kinda way! 

What you think of “as out there” is really “in here.” So, Dream about what you want to See instead of what you do not want to see. Dream until you See what you want to See, then Dream some more, and in time you will Become what you came to Be! Fear not and do not become dis-couraged that’s this all takes time. Time is under “His” control, “He is your Father”, “Your Higher Consciousness”, “your Holy Spirit”, or you can call “It” Christ!

You have no reason to fear God any longer, God did not crucify “His Son” Jesus. The fearful “religious leaders” of that time advocated that the Romans do it and they did. Fear causes you to “believe” insane things that a Sane Mind could never believe! Christ will take you by the hand if you will let Him, and He will Guide you past all your past beliefs and into the Truth of Knowledge!

Christ is a reality!! This you need to Know, not when you die but Now! Spend a little time when you can today, seeking the Truth within you, listening…..

Your eyes need an adjustment after being so long inslaved in the darkness of belief!

I feel like Morpheus in the fictional film, the Matrix with what I am about to say:  “JUDGE others as wrong and you stay blind, in the blind world of eternal suffering, never to awaken to your true natue, your true power your True Self, But FORGIVE everyOne, and to You  my Brother/Sister, a whole new world opens to your sight, One that you control, One that Love Created for you to See, and One that can Never, ever Cause you suffering again!”

“Dreams come True, Always, in Time”

Enough for today. . .


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