Insanity, Insanity and more Insanity, how does One correct this dream of sin and death, without ridicule or blame—-You turn within to the Great Master who has always been the same.

Let Him Guide you past all the fear you seem to see, do not regret, and one day soon you will begin again to Be.

What you are unaware of and really do not Know, is that insanity is not your friend, it is just your own ego.

The devil and the ego, yes they are the same, but if you deny belief to one, you end this deadly game.

Be not afraid to let go of what you do believe, it’s the only way Sanity will return and achieve, what you want Really want to Achieve.

I understand the difficulty of changing thought midstream, you are so used to suffering you can not even See this is but a Dream!

Remember it’s not the Dream of love which causes you your pain, it’s seeing things as different, instead of Seeing everything as the same.

As your vision becomes corrected and the mind fog begins to clear, you will wonder how it was, you could believe anything that ever caused you fear.

Stay tuned to the inner world of thought and prayer, and in no ‘time’ at all, Christ will show up there; You can never See Christ through the haze of guilt and fear, but He is standing right next to You, Right Now, my little dear.

In closing I just wanted to say………

If you want to Know the Truth, I mean Really, Really want to Know. Then pay close attention to the outside show, whatever you see and experience, call it love or call it fear, remember it is only your thoughts that are making it All appear! 



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